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Why sterling silver should be your Valentines gift to your Man

Signet Male Ring

Figuring out the best Valentine’s day gift for men is a very tricky experience- and we know it! Gifting ladies is an easy task. But for men? It’s hard to shop for them in general, be it on their birthdays or anniversaries. Not only is their taste peculiar, but also their wish list can be […]

Proposing this Valentine’s? Here is a guide for the perfect engagement ring

Engagement ring

Congratulations! It is, finally, Valentine’s. You planned to make that day the most memorable for your partner, you will go on one knee or Inscribe a huge ‘Will you Marry Me’ text on the sand, But with a few days to go, have you found the perfect engagement ring? Fear not! Here is our guide […]

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget

A Pendant

Feeling anxious about Valentine’s Day? Perhaps caused by anxiousness on the looming projected, out of pocket spend? Fear not. We have fantastic tips for you on some on the budget activities to still guarantee you a fantastic day but on a moderate spend.

Valentines Day Proposal Ideas for 2023

Engagement Proposal Rings

Love wins every day, but with Valentines Day, the profession of love is looked on with awe and undeniable admiration. This might be the reason why many proposals happen on this day. Do you feel its time to skip the flowers and chocolate and go for the ring? Here are a few ideas to spark […]

7 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her that she will never forget

There are two days you cannot forget in your girlfriend’s life, her birthday and Valentine’s Day; lest you will never hear the end of it. So Valentine’s Day being here with us means that men are out window shopping for gifts. So what is it that makes a girl happy on valentines?

Five ways to surprise him on Valentine’s Day.

The town has now been painted red already, a sign that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, exciting right? Well, it’s not the case for some, because there is the pressure of knowing what to do. If you don’t well, the pressure is real. Now Valentine’s Day is not only about you ladies, the […]

How to tell your Spouse’s ring size

Set of Rings

Tis’ the season to be ‘Hitched’, fa Lala Lala Lala Lala, yes it is. The love journey has to be taken to the next level, either and engagement or making the vows. Each ceremony requires the ring symbol and this is how the dilemma beings; starting from where to get what, metal she’d prefer the […]

Romantic Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

Silver Valetines Day Engagement Ring

February is the month of love. The deal with this month is that it is the ‘marriage proposal‘ season, which leads to the biggest event of our lives, wedding day. Many brides attest that the groom proposed on a valentine’s day, the crowning of love with a ring and a tale.

Setting a Romantic Valentine’s Day Mood with Sterling Silver

The age old tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day is one that has (over the centuries) been entrenched into the fabric of cultures around the world. To go with the celebration of Love, people across the world show their affection in form of gifts. When it comes to gifts; Sterling silver Jewellery never disappoints.

The Perfect Silver Piece for Your Valentine

The value of a gift cannot be overstated. This couldn’t be truer this valentine’s day. Gifts are said to be a physical representation of our inner most desire and emotional benevolence towards special people in our lives. Choosing the right gift for Mr. /Ms right is an art that demands a surgeon’s precision. Are you […]