Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

First things first; congratulations are in order for deciding to propose to the girl (or man) of your dreams. Choosing the perfect engagement ring in Nairobi is not as dreadful as most people may think. It can be fun and worthwhile especially if you know exactly where to look.

If you are having (or anticipating) a hard time finding the ideal ring for her, do not despair. Below is the ultimate guide to choosing an engagement ring that will be sure to warm the heart of your beloved.

Know your style – bear in mind that the ring is a symbol of your love towards this special someone in your life. So choose a ring that both represents and accentuates your style in a more romantic way. It should be an extension of your persona. Show some elegance in taste.

Choose a fitting band – Before making a purchase, be sure you have the right ring finger size. You do not want the embarrassment and disappointment that comes with buying a ring that does not fit. A tad too big or small, wrong ring size will lose you some crucial reputation points. If it doesn’t fit, it plays on the wrong side of wit!

The perfect metal – rings are made of different precious metals: gold, silver and platinum as the most common. The good news is, these metals are easily available in local shops today. The bad news however: if you are not keen enough, you might end up buying fake (gold, silver, platinum and so forth) metals plated. Have a keen eye and remember that ‘all that glitters is not gold’. When possible, consult an expert while determining the authenticity of precious metals.

The perfect stone – Most girls spend their childhood dreaming of ‘the perfect proposal and/or wedding’. So here is your chance to move a step closer to fulfilling her lifelong dream. Whether you go for gemstones, rubies, or diamonds do not forget her style, taste and preference. Look for a stone befitting your partner’s persona. The beauty of the ring lies in the stone. Choose a beautiful stone which will enhance your partners regard for your perception of her beauty.

The shape of the stone – whether round, pear, princess, emerald, heart cut or marquise, the stone’s shape will depend on her personal taste. To be sure, take her to different jewellery shops and pretend to be buying a watch, bracelet or something else. Ask her what kind of rings she would prefer. This way, you will know exactly what to buy. Even if she gets the idea that you might propose she will not know when you will do it.

The colour of the stone – when it comes to colour, it’s hard to guess what she would love. If you are not sure, find out from close family members or friends. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder; be sure to get it spot on. Ring colour is essential seeing as she will wear different coloured outfits.

The budget – for some people, an engagement ring might be the most expensive gift they will ever buy. As much as you want her to say yes, you have to be budget-sensitive. Do not break the bank to buy the ring; remember that there is life after engagement. You will have a wedding to plan and cater for. Buy a ring you can afford.

Durability – buy a ring that will last a long time without wearing out.


Silver rings are the perfect choice for many. You must be asking, why silver? Well, silver is versatile, durable, and pocket friendly

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