Genius Tips on How to Get Your Partner to Buy Silver Jewelry that You Like

Blue Sapphire Ring For Him.

Do you secretly wish someone would buy you that silver bracelet you have been eyeing? Or perhaps your anniversary is coming up, and you wish your mate could get you that stunning necklace you keep stalking online. Sadly, our loved ones are not mind readers who can figure out what we want. In fact, people […]

How to Find the Ideal Engagement Ring Size

single engagement ring

An engagement ring should fit comfortably considering it is an everyday jewelry intended to last a lifetime. Whether you want to surprise your partner or not, getting an engagement ring is not a guessing game. We have all seen that friend whose engagement ring refuses to come off or one that keeps losing the ring […]

The Most Breath-taking Kenyan Wedding Proposals that Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

single engagement ring

Most Kenyan men have been labelled detached and unromantic. However, this is just a stereotype because we have seen men who have been willing to go out of their way to plan a memorable and romantic proposal. From proposing on live TV to surprises on the busy streets of Nairobi, Kenyan men are gradually proving […]

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Online Jeweler

little jewelelrs

Whether you intend to buy jewelry online to last you a lifetime or a statement piece to attend that special occasion, choosing the right online jeweler is a critical step. Online Jewelers are way more knowledgeable and specially trained to spot fine jewelry. Hence, they can help a great deal in your jewelry hunt. However, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Engagement Rings

Halo shaped ring

Getting an engagement ring for your partner has been a romantic tradition for decades. The ring is a symbol and declaration of love, loyalty, and commitment. It also implies a huge milestone of moving to the next level in a relationship. Hunting for the ideal ring can be complicated. It consists of more than just […]

4 Painstaking Ideas for Storing Sterling Silver Jewelry

Storing Silver Jewelry

Buying jewelry takes a lot of planning before you can finally settle for a choice. Organizing and storing the jewelry takes just as much planning. Jewelry pieces are prone to breakage, scratching and grime if not stored properly. You can therefore avert all these by organizing your pieces. If you have a big collection of […]

4 Tricks to Buying Desirable Silver Earrings in Kenya

You might have a good outfit on and still feel a little underdressed.  This is because nothing emphasizes a woman’s look like a well-chosen pair of Silver Earrings. Yes, the right choice of earrings can alter your look from plain to a more stylish and elegant one. Indubitably, we have a wide range of designs […]

A Comprehensive Guide on Birthstones

birthstones in Kenya

Birthstone jewelry has become increasingly popular over recent years. This is because unlike most jewelry, birthstones add a more personal touch to any accessory. Furthermore, these stones exist in many various vivid colors and shapes offering you a world of options to choose from. Whether it is for an anniversary, a birthday, or any other […]

A Guide to Choosing the Right Silver Earrings that Suit You

Cartilage Earrings

Silver earrings complement a look and frame a face. They are a must have accessory for anyone who intends to highlight their best features. However, most people choose this silver jewelry blindly and end up bringing out a look all wrong. From studs to dangling earrings, choosing the right piece can get overwhelming and confusing. […]

Why Silver Jewelry is Better than Gold

silver jewellery in Kenya

Silver and gold are precious metals that have been used over decades for various functions. They both have an aesthetic appeal that comes in handy when making jewelry. Whether silver jewelry is better than gold has been a long-debated topic in the fashion world. Are you wondering why you should choose silver jewelry rather than […]