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The Unwritten Rules of Coordinating Your Jewelry with Any Outfit

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Have you got to a point where your outfits start to feel unflattering and underwhelming for no reason? Or maybe you have been looking to spice up your wardrobe, but you cannot seem to figure out how. Does any of that sound familiar? Like most people, you are probably convinced that buying new clothes will […]

A Complete Guide on Self-Gifting Silver Jewelry

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Do you keep hoping someone gets you that silver anklet or ring you keep stalking online and no one gets the hint? Or maybe you are tired of everyone getting you silver gifts you do not really like? Why not get that silver jewelry for yourself? Self-gifting is the ultimate form of self-love. So, if […]

Jewellery Care in Kenya : How to Clean and Polish your Sterling Silver Jewelry


Routine cleaning and polishing keep your jewelry looking new and shiny for years to come. And in as much, most of us are well versed when it comes to shopping for jewelry, cleaning, polishing and overall care for this jewelry is something that many are not quite familiar with. Silver jewelry are quite common in […]

How to stop your Silver Jewelry Chains from breaking.

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Jewelry Chains Keep Breaking? Here is the cause and how to stop it It’s frustrating when your favorite piece of jewelry breaks. The question however is; do you know why jewelry chains break and how to prevent it in the future? The reasons are obvious though often ignored. Let’s take a look at why jewelry […]

How to Store and Polish Silver Jewellery at Home

Since time immemorial, sterling silver has been one of the most popular metals when it comes to jewellery. It’s not only renowned for its beautiful shine but also the durability that it holds. However, sterling silver pieces can quickly lose their shine and beauty with a simple neglect. Wondering what would make such lustrous pieces […]