How to stop your Silver Jewelry Chains from breaking.

Jewelry Chain

Jewelry Chains Keep Breaking? Here is the cause and how to stop it It’s frustrating when your favorite piece of jewelry breaks. The question however is; do you know why jewelry chains break and how to prevent it in the future?
The reasons are obvious though often ignored. Let’s take a look at why jewelry chains break; Wearing them to the gym – let’s be honest! Body oil and sweat are the biggest causes of jewelry damage. If you keep wearing your chains to the gym, your sweat and body oil will tarnish the jewelry pieces and rob them of their initial sparkle. This will eventually make them weak which leads to them breaking.

Going to bed in your precious jewelry – if you want your jewelry pieces to stand the test of time and still keep their shimmer, remove them before going to bed. With tossing and turning while you sleep, you are likely to put pressure on the jewelry chain. This will dent or misshape the jewelry chain which might lead to breaking in the process of reshaping or straightening the misshaped area.

Swimming and/or bathing with your jewelry chainson on – some metals do not thrive in the chemical contents in a hot tub or pool. The chemicals are harsh and this will dull your precious jewelry chains. Furthermore, shampoos and bath soaps also have some chemicals which might also dull your jewelry. Kindly take them off before stepping in the shower or taking a swim.
Not cleaning your jewelry – debris and dirt that mostly comes from body oils and sweat can cause jewelry damage. So, remember to clean your jewelry chains quite often. And also ensure that you store them in a dry place, preferably in a fabric coated jewelry container.

How to Care for your Jewelry Chains

Clean your chains regularly : Your sweat and body oils can diminish the shine of your jewelry. All you need is warm soapy water, a soft piece of cloth, and a toothbrush.
However, be gentle while cleaning the pieces.

Store your chains in a clean, dry place : Sterling silver chains are durable but even with this fact, you should store your pieces in a fabric-lined jewelry divider to prevent scratches. And in addition to that, you should also consider buying a safe jewelry box to store your pieces while on the go.

Look for warning signs of weakness or breakage in your sterling silver chains and any other jewelry piece in your possession :  If the vulnerabilities can be fixed at home, then fix them straight away and if not, take the piece (or pieces) to a jeweler for fixing.

Jewelry pieces are precious and important. They play an integral part in your overall look. And with that in mind, we should all take good care of our jewelry pieces.