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How to stop your Silver Jewelry Chains from breaking.

Jewelry Chain

Jewelry Chains Keep Breaking? Here is the cause and how to stop it It’s frustrating when your favorite piece of jewelry breaks. The question however is; do you know why jewelry chains break and how to prevent it in the future? The reasons are obvious though often ignored. Let’s take a look at why jewelry […]

Sterling Silver Gifts in Kenya – 5 Quick Pocket Friendly Options

Are you looking for an everyday accessory piece? Do you wish to gift your loved one (ones) with a timeless statement jewelry piece? If yes, then this article is a good read for you. Silver jewelry has always been one of the most luxurious pieces anyone could ever have. For decades sterling silver remains to […]

Jewellery in Kenya – Factors to Consider when Making a Purchase

The New Year has just began and your jewellery box sure needs an upgrade. If you are a jewellery lover, then shopping for some new pieces is something you are going to love. We have a few factors for you to consider when shopping for jewellery in Kenya. That said, please keep reading and ensure […]

Jewellery Trends in Kenya – 4 Reasons why You Should Choose Silver

There are different metals that give different jewellery pieces out there. However, there has been much love for silver since time immemorial. One would wonder why the metal has gained so much popularity hence the reason for this post. Read on to find out why silver is one of the best metals that fashion lovers […]

Pearly gifts for your Mom this Mother’s Day

Silver Pearl Pendants in Nairobi

Shopping for your mom can be overwhelming. You want to gift her a special and sentimental gift that will show her how much she means to you. There are so many options to choose from in the market, that it can get confusing. However, there is one gift that never runs out of style. Silver […]

Jewelry gifts in Nairobi – A Guide to Buying her the Perfect Gift

Jewellry Gifts Boxes Kenya

Gift giving can be intimidating even though it’s supposed to be a joyous act. It’s an awesome way to show emotion when done right. It is timeless, personal and a great way to mark occasions. It can, however, be difficult to decide what gift to buy her. There are many jewelry gift shops in Nairobi […]

Religious Jewelry in Kenya- Silver, Pendants, Necklaces

Religious jewelry is used to symbolize the faith of the wearer. Depending on the different religions, the jewelry acts as protective talismans to protect them from evils spirits and dangers while providing them with humility and strength. There is jewelry to inspire those who believe in different faiths including: Christian Jewelry Christians wear jewelry to […]

How to choose the right jewellery for weddings in Kenya

Planning on walking down the aisle? Weddings are indeed the most special celebrations of one’s life (especially for women). For this reason, it is inevitable for every bride to look good, stylish and elegant on her wedding day. Looking good can be determined by a number of factors. However, today, we are concentrating more on […]

How to Store your Jewellery Pieces

After celebrating Valentine’s Day just a few days ago, you probably have a new piece (or pieces) of jewellery that your soul mate got you as the day’s gift. The gift is definitely blissful, but you have a big challenge ahead of you; where and how to store them.

The Perfect Silver Piece for Your Valentine

The value of a gift cannot be overstated. This couldn’t be truer this valentine’s day. Gifts are said to be a physical representation of our inner most desire and emotional benevolence towards special people in our lives. Choosing the right gift for Mr. /Ms right is an art that demands a surgeon’s precision. Are you […]