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The Captivating History and Purpose of Sterling Silver Bracelets

silver bracelets

In the world of fashion and accessories, silver bracelets have rapidly become the go-to jewelry for both men and women.  They are not only flexible with any style but they also have the unique capability to add flair to any look, making you stand out in a crowd. And who wouldn’t want to look more […]

Everything You Need to Know About Silver Jewelry

silver necklace set

Silver jewelry has become increasingly popular over the recent years among various age brackets. Wearing silver jewelry is considered trendy and classy. Its high demand is attributed to its affordable prices and availability compared to other metals. Jewelry designers have become accustomed to using silver because it contains easy to work with properties. From its […]

Bring out your Style by Adding Silver Bracelets in Your Everyday Look

Since time immemorial, silver has a good track record not just for its sparkle and beauty but also because of its good luck charm. By incorporating silver jewellery pieces to your look, you will not only be adding vibrancy to the look but you will also be channelling abundance and luck your way. The market […]

5 Different Bracelets you can buy in Nairobi Kenya

Silver Bracelet in Nairobi-Kenya

Nairobi, the vast city in Kenya that is known for its diversity, creativity and uniqueness offers endless selections of jewellery. If you are a jewellery lover, then Nairobi is the place to shop. However, this post focuses on bracelets, the often overlooked decorative pieces. Just like earrings, rings and pendants, bracelets bring their own beauty […]