Bring out your Style by Adding Silver Bracelets in Your Everyday Look

Since time immemorial, silver has a good track record not just for its sparkle and beauty but also because of its good luck charm. By incorporating silver jewellery pieces to your look, you will not only be adding vibrancy to the look but you will also be channelling abundance and luck your way.

The market has endless options when it comes to choosing jewellery. This post however focuses on one of the most overlooked pieces; silver bracelets. Different people will shop for earrings, rings, and watches. In many occasions people tend to forget that bracelets too are decorative ornaments and they also play a significant role in one’s overall look.

If you are looking for that modern accessory that can adorn your wrist with your everyday look, then sterling silver is the choice for you. Man or woman, you can never go wrong with a silver bracelets. That said, here are 4 types of silver bracelets that are worth buying;

  • Chain or Link bracelets – most guys are confused on whether to wear bracelets or not. So it is obvious that finding the perfect piece would not be a walk in the park. Luckily, we are here to give you a hand. Chunky chain (link) bracelets are quite mannish. And the beauty of chain bracelets is that they are ideal for both casual and formal occasions.
  • Cuff bracelets – unlike bangles that are all round and closed, cuff bracelets are have a small gap on the wrist. With the open gap, cuff bracelets dramatically sit on the wrist bone displaying the wearer’s sense of style and fashion. Good news, these bracelets are also a perfect choice for couples, best friends or family members that want to have a more personalized and matching style.
  • Leather bracelets with silver beads – bracelets are quite versatile ornaments that not only bring out your personality but also add radiance to your outfit. The leather bracelets with silver beads are a great choice if you are looking for a more casual look. The leather can come in different colours to ensure that you get that relaxed look for a casual outfit.
  • Solid silver bracelets – a unique and exquisite selection for both men and women. And just like watches, solid bracelets can be worn every day. And because of their undeniable sparkle, solid bracelets will definitely bring attention to your arms (in a good way).

In a world where we are all aware of the ever changing fashion world, wearing a stunning accessory sets you apart. Silver bracelets look good on the wrist, they are fun to wear and for this reason, they are a necessity for any fashionable man and woman. Get one today!