Bridal Jewelry in Kenya : How to Select The Best Pieces

It’s almost your big day. Hooray! Have you selected your bridal jewelry yet? Though it might be very tempting to slide a quick tick on that checklist box, getting the right jewelry for your big day needs a lot of consideration. It can get a little overwhelming and frustrating picking out from an assortment of bridal pieces in the market. Intending to find the right jewelry that will leave you nothing short of elegant and compliment your look, here are four quick tips to get you started.

Match your bridal jewelry to your wedding theme

If you are unsure what jewelry to go for, you should choose pieces that match or compliment your wedding theme. You’ll find that Silver jewelry compliments most wedding themes, be it Blue, Purple, White, Black, or Burgundy. Be sure to try on your jewelry with your wedding gown, your evening wear, and settle for a piece that blends effortlessly with the colour  tones.

Sweetheart, round neck, V-neck, or Halter: What is your dress like?

Your dress’s neckline and design will heavily influence your pendant selection. A shorter necklace, for example, is perfect with a strapless neckline or a sweetheart neckline. An off-shoulder dress will allow you to pamper yourself with a statement piece while a halter strap dress might limit you to a simple silver pendant.

The details on your dress will also determine the amount of jewelry you go for. The jewelry that will compliment a bridal dress with 1001 tiny gemstones is different from that of a simply tailored dress.

Keep Away From Multi-Colored Jewelry

A piece of rainbow-colored bridal jewelry is not only blinding but a big fashion no. You should opt for single or two colored pieces at most that blend highlight your wedding gown. A typical bridal look inspires a jewelry collection in silver, diamond, rubies, and sapphires. Try and keep to one type of metal or stone as different elements might spoil the look. For example, if you go for a Silver pendant, pair it with silver earing, a silver bracelet, and silver hairpieces for a crisp and clean look.

Go for Light and Comfortable

Considering that you will be wearing the bridal jewelry for up to 12 hours, why not go for pieces that won’t weigh you down? Comfort is key in jewelry selection. You wouldn’t want to be pulling down your neckpiece in the middle of the vows, would you? It is paramount that before you buy the jewelry, try them out and gauge how they feel on you.

Whether you feel inclined to go for bespoke or classic design, pick out a piece that works with your look and that which you are comfortable in.

A favorite tip from past brides is to go for a look that shows you at your best!