5 Color Hues That Complement A Silver Pendant

Silver Pendants Kenya

While fashion can seemingly feel like a simple task to pull off, choosing the right accessories that compliment your outfit might swing your look from hot to not! It’s not enough to look good.

Good knowledge and eye of what silver piece ties your wardrobe together, is a skill that takes time and a lot of trial and error to perfect. Do you have silver jewelry pieces and have no clue what colors compliment them? Here are our top five color choices that we consider bespoke.

Royal Blue

If Blue is royalty, then Blue paired with Silver pieces is magnificent. This two looks work for a classy evening out or blue themed wedding or event. The sophistication that a pair of Silver earing or a silver bracelet carries will turn any ordinary blue dress or that seldom worn overcoat into a masterpiece!

Black and Bold

The most common pairing for silver accessories is Black. From the infamous little black dress in every girl’s wardrobe to a black pull neck donned on a cold rainy day. Black and silver are like two pieces in a pod. The pair work for any occasion, any weather, and can be pulled off any time. A black wardrobe does not overpower your jewelry selection. It gives your Silver pendant room to shine and catch attention.

Off- white and cream

Silver Jewelry wears beautifully with the white family- Whites, off-whites, creams, and eggshells. This color combination gives off a ‘sequin’ like feeling and looks naturally dazzling. A head to toe outfit with a Silver pendant look feels lifted straight out of Cosmo pages, don’t you agree? This look is perfect for garden parties, weddings, and while on vacation. A little tip on white outfits and silver, it’s best to go big with your piece- a statement piece if you will, and stand out.

Is this Burgundy or Maroon? 

Hats off to those with the eye to spot and distinguish between the two. However, when it comes to mixing and matching this ambiguous color pallet with a Silver pendant, the outcome is always the same. Simple, fresh, and clean! Team your maroon blazers; burgundy flowered dressed with your Silver piece and stay winning!

Sultry Purple

Have you ever found yourself staring at a purple themed wedding invitation card and wondered how to style yourself? Purple is considered a bold regal color that can overpower or underwhelm any look. A silver pendant in a purple themed outfit adds a sparkle that will lighten up and highlight your ensemble.

While selecting colors to pair with your silver pendant, always remember that the most important in all this is that you are comfortable with the selection and go with tones that work with you. To look like a masterpiece, you first have to feel and act like one!