How to Find the Ideal Engagement Ring Size

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An engagement ring should fit comfortably considering it is an everyday jewelry intended to last a lifetime. Whether you want to surprise your partner or not, getting an engagement ring is not a guessing game.

We have all seen that friend whose engagement ring refuses to come off or one that keeps losing the ring every now and then.

Are you wondering how exactly you can get the ring size right? We have compiled a list of everything you need to know when figuring out your partner’s ring size to help you find the ideal engagement ring.

Techniques to Use When Measuring a Ring Size

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Different people have different techniques to figure out a good fit. Whether homemade, discreet, or with your partner’s knowledge, we have curated a short list that will come in handy.

  1. How to Secretly Know Your Partner’s Ring Size

Below are ways you can secretly discover your partner’s ring size:

  • Estimate with the Standard Sizes

The average ring size for women is 5-8 while that for men is 8-13, the most common one being 10. Use this to estimate your mate’s ring size.

  • Borrow One of Her Rings


Get one of your girlfriend’s rings and take it to your jeweler so they can help identify the size. Make sure you are aware what hand the ring goes for better clarity. A dominant hand tends to be bigger compared to the other one.

If your girlfriend is right-handed, then the left hand is smaller and vice versa..

  • Be Sneaky

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Most women are hyper aware of their belongings and sometimes secretly taking your partner’s ring may prove difficult. Instead, wait for her to fall asleep and measure her left ring finger using a ribbon or string.  Take the measurement to an expert for clarification.

Trace one of her rings on a piece of paper.  Draw a couple of inner and outer circles of the ring to get a definite sketch. A jeweler will easily estimate the radius based on the circumference of the finger.

 Use soap or wax to make an imprint of one of her rings that can be used by an expert to give a rough estimate. Remember to clean off the residues that may be left on the ring to avoid arousing suspicion. Only return the ring to the jewelry box if it is clean and dry.

  • Ask a Friend or Relative For Help

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Do not hesitate to ask your girlfriend’s friends and family for help. They may already know her ring size or would help you figure it out. Even better, they may convince your girlfriend to tag along ring window shopping for fun and you can have what fits her professionally sized later.

You get to kill two birds with one stone. They not only figure out a good ring size but also her preferences, ring shape, and setting for an ideal ring. Get a trusted friend that can keep a secret so that you do not kill the surprise element.


  2. Determining the Ring Size with Your Partner’s Help

Single engagement ring

Having your girlfriend tell you her ring size is considerably easier compared to when figuring it out discreetly. If she does not know her size either, then use a ribbon or paper to measure then infer our ring size guide to estimate her ring size.

Measure several times in between the day then do an average of the different results to get the most accurate one. If you are in between sizes, always choose the large size. You could also get a professional to do the measurements for the best results.


What is a Perfect fit?

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A comfortable fitting ring does not rotate on your finger, hardly comes off easily but it is also not too tight. Different fits exist for different finger shapes. Some people have large knuckles while others have long slender fingers hence, they are suited by different types and settings of rings.

If you have long slender fingers, then go for rings with a wide band width preferably those with a large center piece. They will balance out your features beautifully. If you have short thick fingers, then narrower band widths with an elongated stone shape will suit you.

Get a bigger fitting ring, utmost 2 measurements up, for large knuckles so that you wear it more easily. It should have a large stone to make tighter past the knuckles and to ensure it does not slip out.

We advise getting rings with multiple bands for narrower fingers whose size fluctuates over time. They are mostly thicker near the palm and get narrower toward the end of the nail hence they will not come off as easily.

Things to Consider When Measuring a Ring Size

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The size of a finger varies. It changes depending on the time of day, the temperature, or weather. The most accurate measurements are during the evening rather than in the morning when the fingers shrink.

Ensure that the fingers are neither too cold nor too hot. They should be in standard room temperature when you measure them.

The width of the band directly affects how well a ring fits. The bigger the bandwidth the more the ring feels tighter and vice versa. As you compare sizes using rings, use a ring of similar band width as the one you intend to get and you are assured to get the size right.

Final Thoughts

What are you waiting for? Take that leap of faith, go shopping and find a ring that your soulmate will adore. Whether they help you or if you intend to surprise your mate, this article will help you find the right ring size smoothly. Browse through our various collections and pick what appeals to you.


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