Genius Tips on How to Get Your Partner to Buy Silver Jewelry that You Like

Blue Sapphire Ring For Him.

Do you secretly wish someone would buy you that silver bracelet you have been eyeing? Or perhaps your anniversary is coming up, and you wish your mate could get you that stunning necklace you keep stalking online. Sadly, our loved ones are not mind readers who can figure out what we want.

In fact, people hardly ever ask directly, “what gift would you want?” You need to start dropping hints.

However, most people come across as rude, entitled, or greedy while dropping hints about their ideal gifts. Hence, find the perfect timing and phrase your clues correctly to avoid coming off as demanding and offensive.

Today, we explore the various ways you can graciously leave hints for your partner about gifts you would like.


  1. Tell Friends and Family about Your Wish List

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There is a big probability that your partner will consult your friends or close relatives when buying you a silver gift. Why not use it to your advantage?


Talk to your friends about your desired silver jewelry wish list so they can help your partner figure out a great gift on your behalf. Plant a few ideas with your relatives too, rest assured they will pass the clues when your companion comes asking for their opinion.


Alternatively, your friends can be your point of reference for your much-desired jewelry. Show your man those stud earrings your friends own as you insinuate how much you would like something similar or closely related like silver pearls and hoop earrings.  Chances are, they will probe further to find out what suits you.


    2. Insinuate What You Would Like While On Shopping Sprees

Sterling silver Personalized Hairdresser Gift

If you enjoy window shopping or browsing through online jewellery stores as a couple, then this is the perfect opportunity to drop hints. Show your partner that online jewelry store you adore that sells good quality affordable silver jewelry.


Stop by that stall across the streets during your shopping spree and show your boyfriend what you intend to get yourself soon. While it seems like a totally innocent move, your companion will have a rough idea of what to get you next time they are looking for your gift.


 3. Make a Social Media Trail

Silver bracelets

Facebook and Instagram are the best yet not too obvious platforms to let your partner know about what you like. Post a picture of that silver bracelet you have been dying to get for yourself on your stories then tag your mate.


Share a tweet or hashtag a picture of that jewelry you want. Further make an online wish list and post it on your status, your lover and friends will have a good point of reference to know what gift you truly desire.


 4. Speak Up

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Sometimes, dropping hints can prove futile because not everyone will catch on what you are trying to tell them. So instead, be an open book about it. Openly talk about what you would want.


Ironically, women are expressive beings, yet they have a hard time communicating their wants especially when it comes to gifts they would like. Again, we are reminding you that your spouse is not a mind reader. Be direct.


 5. “Accidentally” Leave Clues

silver necklace set

When your partner intends to surprise you, they will look for clues on what you would like discreetly prior to the D-day. How about you intentionally leave hints for them?


Funny how your partner will think they are being sneaky reading through your wish list while all along you strategically set them up. Such a fascinating mind game, right?


Here are a few ways to “accidentally” leave hints:

  • ‘Mistakenly’ leave your written wish list sticking out in the pages of a book or magazine on the coffee table or beside the bed.
  • Log onto that online jeweler you love from your phone or laptop, add the jewelry you like to your cart then leave it next to your partner as you pretend to rush to do something urgent. They will get curious and take a sneak peek.
  • Make picture cut outs of that silver ring you want from magazines and add it to your scrapbook Later place the book in the open where your spouse will see.


6. Casually Mention What You Like in Conversations

silver cross

You need to ensure your timing is perfect while leaving hints for what you like in casual conversations. Your partner may not take into account what you are saying, and the clue may go totally unnoticed hence it is crucial to find the right moment.


If your birthday is coming up, an anniversary, or any other special occasion, then that is your window. Start throwing hints weeks prior to the occasion. Your spouse will easily catch up on them because they are actively looking for a gift unlike on ordinary uneventful days.


Factors to Put into Consideration before Dropping Hints

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When your hints are over-obvious, it is either a good or bad thing depending on your partner’s personality. Here are a few things to ask yourself before deciding what approach you want to take while throwing these clues.

  • Can your partner afford it?

Be realistic and considerate. You know best what your mate’s financial status is like. Go for simple and affordable items. Avoid aiming for gifts that would otherwise dent your lover’s finances.

  • Is it too much pressure?

Some people thrive while others shrink under pressure. If your spouse feels pressured when told what to do, preferably avoid the direct opening up approach. Instead, be mindful and opt for ways that do not scream too obvious that you are hinting at what you like.

If your partner thrives in knowing your desires, then do not be afraid to show them that silver jewelry you want.



Final Thoughts


Hinting on gifts is a fun way to ensure you get what you like. From intentional clues to using social media to your advantage, pick the approach most convenient for you and your partner.


Remember that different people are wired differently. As much as some people would not take offence to a bold approach, others would dislike it. We trust that you know your partner well enough to know what approach to take. All the best!

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