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10 Common Valentine’s Day Mistakes to Avoid and How to Fix Them for a Memorable Holiday

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Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to express your feelings for your significant other. It can, however, be a time when mistakes are made. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, it’s easy to make common mistakes that can ruin the holiday. In this article, we’ll go over the top 10 Valentine’s Day mistakes to […]

Amethyst February’s Birthstone. Can you Give it as a Valentine’s Day Gift?

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Amethyst is a lovely gemstone that is frequently associated with the month of February and is the birthstone for those born in that month. It’s also a popular material for jewellery and other gifts. With Valentine’s Day approaching, you may be wondering if amethyst is an appropriate gift for this special occasion. In this article, […]

Sterling Silver Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

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Did you know that wearing red on Valentine’s Day is a symbol of passion, love, and romance? Yes, it turns out that there’s more to this color than what meets the eye. In fact, red is popularly known as the color of love because it stimulates feelings of desire and passion. That said, you might […]

Top Jewelry Gift Ideas for her on Valentine’s

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Whether you have been married for decades, or you are merely the newest couple in town, or you are involved in some kind of ‘situation ship’, Valentine’s Day can be a lot of pressure. It is cheesy. It is romantic. It is the one time of the year when love is literally in the air. […]

Hush… It’s Secret Santa Time! Jewellery Gifting Ideas.

This lovely Citrine jewelry set is ideal for anyone who adores the bright yellow hue of the November birthstone.

Christmas is here with us and with it comes lots of end year parties both family and organisation ones. While all this are happening one thing that’s always sure to happen is Secret Santa and while it’s not a hard thing to organise, the nitty gritties of it at times can be exhausting. You have […]

Are Men’s Earrings Trendy in 2023?

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Fashion is one of the most dynamic aspects of today’s society. Trends today may become obsolete tomorrow. However, fashion is cyclical. As a result, we frequently see a strong resurgence of 1970s, 1980s, and even 1990s trends. Men’s earrings, on the other hand, are more timeless and fashionable than ever in 2023. What varies is […]

Tips When Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring

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A wedding requires numerous preparations. A variety of decisions must be made collaboratively in order to be in sync.  For example, selecting the location of the celebration, songs for the big day, and invitations for loved ones. But knowing how to choose the perfect wedding bands will undoubtedly be one of your favorite tasks, as […]

Why Is Jewellery So Expensive?

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Jewellery has been around for thousands of years, and its value is associated with the amount of time, love, and craftsmanship that goes into making it. Many people have wondered why jewellery can be so expensive. Silver jewellery, particularly Sterling silver, is often quite pricey, which means that while we’re all looking for the best […]

The History of Silver Necklaces

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Necklaces have a story. Whatever their form and complexity, they have adorned humanity for a very long time. Research and excavationists have indeed shown that our ancestors already adorned themselves with necklaces.  Prehistoric ornaments have been found, mainly made up of natural elements such as: Bones. Claws. Teeth. Shells. These were simply pierced, then sewn onto clothing, […]