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Creative Engraving Ideas for Your Sterling Silver Jewellery Christmas Gifts

engraving tools

Sterling silver always makes for a special gift. It becomes much more meaningful when you engrave a personal touch. Get your silver pieces gift-wrapped as you go shopping for Christmas presents this year. You turn your present into something that you treasure. It also adds to great effect on sterling silver engraving as it is […]

The Top 10 Silver Jewellery Pieces to Gift This Christmas

silver earrngs

The holiday season is a time for giving and making memories. As you search for the perfect gift for your loved ones this Christmas, consider silver jewellery. With its luminous sheen, intricate details, and timeless style, sterling silver jewellery makes a thoughtful yet dazzling present. Whether you’re shopping for your husband, wife, girlfriend, daughter, or […]

Which Silver Ring Should You Wear If You Are Not Married?

silver rings

Generally synonymous with conjugal commitment, silver rings have smoothly evolved past their conventional roles, turning into a canvas for individual expression, individuality, and style.  For those who are not married yet find themselves dazzled by the style and appeal of silver rings, this guide offers an excursion into the range of potential outcomes.  Whether you’re […]

The Allure and Popularity of Halo Engagement Rings in Kenya

Add a touch of timeless glamour to your special moment with this stunning sterling silver engagement ring featuring a cushion shaped center gem and double halo pave setting.

The act of getting engaged is a significantly extraordinary moment in the journey of any couple, deserving to be celebrated with something truly exquisite. When it comes to engagement rings, plenty of captivating shapes and styles exist, all epitomising the essence of enduring love. Among these choices, the halo engagement ring stands out as a […]

How to Wear Silver Cocktail Rings

cocktail ring

Are you curious about the art of adorning a cocktail ring?  Cocktail rings, also known as statement rings, have been captivating jewellery lovers for quite a while with their boldness, complicated designs, and undeniable charm.  Turning out to be powerful expressions of individuality and style, these stunning adornments rise above simple accessories. When Did Cocktail […]

How to Layer Chains/ Double Chains in Nairobi

silver necklace

Imagine wearing a stylish, minimalistic outfit and afterward draping yourself in a variety of glistening chains, each with its own extraordinary appeal. The outcome? A look that is as intriguing as it is stylish. This is the magic of layering chains and double chains – a fashion phenomenon that has taken the fashion scene in […]

Men’s Silver Pendants

Mens pendant

Step into the world of men’s jewelry at The Little Jewellers, where we celebrate the rising trend of men embracing fashion accessories as an integral part of their personal style.  In today’s fashion landscape, men’s jewelry has evolved into a statement of self-expression, and our collection caters explicitly to the Nairobi man who values elegance, […]

The Rising Trend of Men’s Silver Earrings

men stud earrings

Men’s earrings have risen from mere fashion accessories to powerful symbols of style and individuality in Nairobi.  Earrings were predominantly associated with ladies’ fashion. Still, as societal norms evolve, fashion barriers are breaking down, and men are embracing their right to express themselves through style.  Men’s silver earrings have emerged as a powerful symbol of […]

July Birthstone Silver Jewellery in Nairobi

Ruby Ring

The birthstone for July is the Ruby gemstone. This brilliant gemstone is known for its charming dark red tone, frequently described as the shade of love and passion. Rubies have been esteemed for quite a long time and are viewed as one of the four precious gemstones alongside diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires. The name “ruby” […]

Silver Jewellery Chain Patterns: Unique Styles to Elevate Your Style

Silver Jewellery Chain

When choosing chain styles for silver necklaces, we often have a dilemma about which one to choose, because the multitude of chain patterns stuns us. Each style is beautiful in its own way and has its own advantages. Some jewellery chains are so decorative that they do not require a pendant.  Chains are a staple […]