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Your Guide to Men’s Wedding Ring Styles

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Planning a wedding involves various decisions, and choosing the perfect wedding band is one of them.  Men’s wedding bands come in a plethora of styles, materials, and designs, each with its own unique appeal.  In this guide, we will explore the world of men’s wedding band styles, focusing particularly on silver wedding rings.  From classic […]

The Fascinating Difference Between Engagement & Wedding Rings

Wedding Ring

From the proposal, all the way to the “I do”, rings are a must-have in any engagement. However, many people use the terms “wedding rings” and “engagement rings” interchangeably but in actual sense, they are different. How, you may ask?  Because as much as both rings are centered on love and symbolize a couple’s commitment […]

Spectacular Wedding Trends to Look Out for 2022

A stunning sterling silver matching wedding band set

The wedding scene has radically changed over recent years, partly due to the covid19 pandemic and emerging wedding trends in the wedding industry. 2022 is no exception. A new year implies fresh perspectives and lots to look forward to especially if turning the calendar means it is finally going to be your wedding year. Therefore, […]

The Unwritten Rules of Coordinating Your Jewelry with Any Outfit

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Have you got to a point where your outfits start to feel unflattering and underwhelming for no reason? Or maybe you have been looking to spice up your wardrobe, but you cannot seem to figure out how. Does any of that sound familiar? Like most people, you are probably convinced that buying new clothes will […]

How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement or Wedding Ring?

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As hard as it is to find love in this 21st century when most people are just wolves in sheep’s clothing. You are lucky to have found it against all odds, and it is about time you put a ring on it. Congratulations! However, buying an engagement ring is the tricky part because it is […]

Everything You Should Know about Marriage Proposals

A square shaped cz engagement ring.

This is an era of a commitment phobic and ghosting generation where finding a suitable lifelong partner is not set on a silver platter. So if you somehow managed to find everlasting love, congratulations. Whether you are childhood friends, high school sweethearts, met through a mutual friend on campus, or through social media, you are […]

The Top Best Wedding Venues in Kenya

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A wedding venue sets the tone of the wedding. It is the backdrop for your wedding pictures, the determinant of the décor and outfits, and the place that holds the memory of your union. Who wouldn’t want the venue to be perfect? However, choosing the perfect location is no walk in the park. Even if […]

Bridal Jewelry in Kenya : How to Select The Best Pieces

It’s almost your big day. Hooray! Have you selected your bridal jewelry yet? Though it might be very tempting to slide a quick tick on that checklist box, getting the right jewelry for your big day needs a lot of consideration. It can get a little overwhelming and frustrating picking out from an assortment of […]

4 Reasons why a Bridal Wedding Ring Set Is Perfect For You

Silver Wedding Set Kenya

It is called a wedding band, a symbol of your marriage to your spouse and it means that your commitment to one another is endless; so with all these meanings and much more attached to this piece of jewelry, why make it average when you can make it perfect?

Silver Wedding Rings in Kenya – Choosing a ring

Couples often find the course of choosing and shopping for a wedding ring in Kenya quite overwhelming. And to men, the world of jewelry is quite foreign and an eerie encounter. This is mostly because, men, unlike women, are not accustomed to wearing jewelry. Nonetheless, it is quite challenging to choose and settle on a […]