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First Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Their Worth

It’s a year since you walked down the aisle and said the words ‘I do’ to the love of your life. So first things first, congratulations are in order. Like they say, marriage is a beautiful things if you find the one that compliments you. Having in mind that it’s now that a year down […]

Jewellery in Kenya – 8 Jewellery Ideas for this Christmas

With the different shapes, sizes and styles of jewellery, anyone with a unique fashion sense would agree that sterling silver jewellery ideas are a must have. That being said, treat yourself or someone special with exciting silver jewellery this Christmas.

Silver Jewellery Gift Ideas for your Man This Christmas

Are you in the lookout for that flawless piece of jewelry-that gift that will put a smile in your man’s face this Christmas? It’s never too early for a Christmas surprise, so the earlier you start planning for this gift the better. Normally, when we think of jewelry, the first automatic assumption that crosses our […]