Jewellery in Kenya – 8 Jewellery Ideas for this Christmas

With the different shapes, sizes and styles of jewellery, anyone with a unique fashion sense would agree that sterling silver jewellery ideas are a must have. That being said, treat yourself or someone special with exciting silver jewellery this Christmas.

First things first, think of the person you are buying for. And regardless of whether you are buying the jewellery for yourself or for someone else, always think out of the box and stick to the trends.
Now that you know exactly who the jewellery is intended for; here is a list of silver jewellery ideas that will definitely take away the hassle of gift finding this Christmas.

Jewellery for Women

The women jewellery collection generally has great pieces that you can never go wrong with;

  • Necklaces – your choice of necklace will depend on the personal taste of the wearer. Nonetheless, there are wide range of silver necklaces with different lengths and thickness. Chockers and pendants for instance are quite common yet stylish.
  • Anklets –which are also known as ankle chains, ankle bracelets and ankle strings are fun and fancy for the youngsters. Express your youthfulness, your creativity and your sense of fashion with this type of jewellery.
  • Bracelets – perfect for all age groups, silver bracelets are a must have. They are perfectly fit for different occasions and they seamlesslymatch different outfits (casual and official)
    Brooches – women of character (who love to make a statement) would love brooches. They are classy, sweet and fashionable. If you are buying for your wife or mother, a personalized silver brooch would be impeccable.
  • Rings – celebrate your desire for sterling silver rings or give someone the chance to. There are exclusive range of silver rings available for the lively, serious-minded and the endearing woman. Chain rings and toe rings for instance, are quickly becoming popular as they are fit for any holiday outfit.
  • Earrings – earrings are amazing if you are looking for a sleek look. Girls and women with edge love this type of jewellery. The design choice of earrings will depend on tastes and preferences.Jewellery for Men
  • Men also love themselves some gleam. However, jewellery collection for men collection is not as big as that of women. Nonetheless, there are perfect choices that will for sure bring a sense of style. Rings, wrist watches, ear studs, necklaces and bracelets would be great.

Quick Tip

If you are down on cash, however, you can still make this Christmas count with some exciting Do It Yourself (DIY) jewelley ideas. For example, there are special silver pendant kits that are filled with silver blocks; gems, alphabets, symbols and/or numbers. With such a kit, you can make some very sweet and personalized DIY gifts.