The Perfect Silver Piece for Your Valentine

The value of a gift cannot be overstated. This couldn’t be truer this valentine’s day. Gifts are said to be a physical representation of our inner most desire and emotional benevolence towards special people in our lives. Choosing the right gift for Mr. /Ms right is an art that demands a surgeon’s precision. Are you thinking of that gift? Think silver! You can never go wrong. Here are a few things you should know about this quaint yet lustrous metal.

Silver, which is also referred to as white metal, is a pure metal that is shiny and reflective. When it is in its pristine form (fine silver), the metal contains 93% silver and 7% other metals (alloys). This combination is what makes silver perfect for jewellery.

Presently, there are hundreds of designers flocking the jewellery market today. Only those people with knowledge and passion for sterling silver will have an easy time selecting the right pieces. However, if your knowledge about sterling silver is limited, here is a glaring fact: sterling silver is a very attractive yet affordable choice for anyone who is inclined to beautiful jewellery.

Read on to find the perfect silver jewellery piece that will bewilder your special person this Valentine’s Day. Here are some options meant to help you instigate the perfect valentine’s mood.

Designer Necklaces

You can transform your day and night look with sterling silver necklaces. These pieces come in different designs and styles to suit specific needs of the wearer. In other words, there is everything for everyone.


Valentine’s Day is a good time to pop the big question. Showing up with sterling silver ring will give you the backup you need when you ask, “will you marry me?’’. She (or he) will definitely love the ring, because of the fact that a sterling silver piece would be too beautiful a piece to ignore.


A bracelet piece complements both casual and formal looks. If you want a piece that your partner can wear no matter the season or occasion, choose silver bracelets. Silver, after all, is a neutral color.

Bottom line is, when choosing a Valentine’s Day jewellery piece, sparkly detail is a must if our point average is to improve. Your partner deserves high-quality jewellery. But before buying any pieces, it might interest you to know that the value of silver jewellery highly relies on the design and detail.