5 Great Ideas on How to Propose on Valentine’s Day

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You have been dating your significant other for some time now and you feel that you are ready to take the next step. You are ready to put a ring on her finger to make it official to the government and to your friends.

There is a lot to worry about when it comes to proposing. Even though you have had a steady relationship and you have been through a lot together. Getting down on one knee takes a lot of courage and you don’t know what your partner will say. We all want the answer to be yes but still there is that niggling feeling.

Secondly when you are considering when to propose you have to think of how you are going to do it. You don’t want to just ask for someone’s hand in marriage, you must make it special. Planning a perfect proposal is intimidating, tiring and nerve wracking. This adds more undue pressure to you.

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Luckily Valentine’s is coming up in a few weeks and there is no better day to propose than on Valentine’s. Valentine’s day is the best day to propose because it is a day signified by love and everything that it embodies.

The best gift you can give your lover on Feb 14th is an engagement ring. Did you know that 6 million couples every year propose around the world? Well, if you are going to be included in that list this year, here is a guide on how to do it.

We have come up with options for you to pick from so that even if your partner is an introvert or an extrovert, he or she is bound to love the ideas presented. Your only problem will be picking one idea.

First date

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You could have been dating for a year or many years depending on the length of your relationship, the one thing that you will never forget is your first date. This also includes people who have known each other for some time and then they decided to go on their first date.

This is a significant milestone moment as it determined either the first date you met or the first time you took each other seriously.

Recreating your first date for proposing on Feb 14th is truly magical. Your bae will see how romantic you are by remembering details of the first time you were together. Recreating the memories of the day will bring nostalgic emotions and remind the two of you how far you have come from and how far you will be going.

If your first date was in a restaurant, a picnic, a party or went to watch a movie, doing this again will do wonders for your relationship.

As you will be doing it on the 14th, your partner might not see it coming as they would just think this is a special Valentine. When you get on you knee to present the ring he or she will be taken by surprise.

The added benefit of doing this is that your love story will be retold for generations to come. You will also be the source of envy amongst your friends and family.

Home Cooked meal

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Nothing is more personal than a home cooked meal. By now you already know what the love of your life loves to eat. You know he or she could love to eat chapatis, rice and beans, managu etc. This should give you the chance to show how much you love her and know her by cooking her favourite dish.

I should also mention some of these dishes aren’t easy to make for all of us but there are shortcuts. You can get a friend or a relative to come to your home early and prepare the food for you. Later you can present partner with the dish.

Your lover will know you haven’t cooked it, but will be grateful, nonetheless. At the end of the meal, when you are both stuffed. You can present your loved one with the engagement ring. Here you have a variety of options, you can put it in the desert or just pop the question.

Movie Night

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Having a movie night is a romantic way of spending Valentine’s. Before the watching begins get a collection of the most romantic movies to share with her. Look for classics like the Notebook, Titanic and The Fault in Our Stars. In addition, you can add her favourites into the mix.

So, dim the light, grab a blanket, switch on Netflix and cuddle. During the film’s climatic moments – the most romantic moment- pause the movie and propose.

If you decide to go to the theatres to watch a movie, you can wait till the end of the film. Then when they switch on the lights you could be kneeling and propose to them.


The Little Jewellers

The best proposals in my opinion are the ones that the other person doesn’t see it coming. One way to completely surprise your partner is by agreeing to meet up at a jewellery store. She will think you are being cliché by just getting them jewellery for Valentine’s.

The surprise will come in by asking her to choose an engagement ring that they like and see if it fits. Once your love has the ring on, you can proceed to pop the question. The person will be shocked and will say yes immediately.

14 days of gifts

This sterling silver heart-shaped necklace has a smaller open heart at the bottom, making it a perfect choice for you.

Another unique way of proposing comes from copying what happens in December. This follows the 12 days to Christmas, but rather than 12 days we have 14 days to Valentine’s. With this, from the 1st to the 13th of the month you are to give your partner small gifts leading up to the 14th.

On the day of Valentine’s your partner will be looking forward to her gift. After building so much anticipation, you can get on your knee and ask for her to be your partner for life.


I hope I have given you a few god options to make your Valentine’s and engagement day special. The most important thing to remember it’s not about the grand gestures but it’s the feeling that you both have for each other.

Your love for one another will take you through the rest of your lives. Good luck in your proposal and if you are to try any of our tips, please comment to tell us what worked for you.

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