Valentines Day Proposal Ideas for 2018

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Love wins every day, but with Valentines Day, the profession of love is looked on with awe and undeniable admiration. This might be the reason why many proposals happen on this day. Do you feel its time to skip the flowers and chocolate and go for the ring? Here are a few ideas to spark your Valentine’s Day proposal.

A little nostalgia

Take a trip down memory lane to the day you had your first date. This can help you set the mood for a fun-filled evening and a grand gesture. Memories are a built on intimacy and it is only fitting that you set the stage of a lasting relationship by acknowledging where it all started. If not first dates, try to revisit or recreate special moments that had an impact on your relationship.

Let nature do the trick

The calmness and tranquility of a nature walk or a hike, for the free-spirited, can set a great scene to pop the question. Beautiful sceneries tied with heartfelt declarations on how your life has changed will most definitely bring forth a few tears. However, be mindful of weather patterns and wild animals, especially if you opt for in-the-wild kind of proposal.

Let’s play a game

If you are looking for the extraordinary, why not make a game out of it, say, by creating a treasure hunt or a trivia game. This proposal will one, through them off balance as they are less likely to suspect the agenda and two, bring you two closer in the most informal setting. Be mindful however not to make it too complicated that your partner gets frustrated and worked up. You wouldn’t want your partner to be in a foul mood when proposing, right?

A ‘this could be us’ presentation?

Picture this. A slideshow or show picture clip starts playing when you two have settled down to catch up on your favorite TV show. Pictures then start streaming by of the two of you together highlighting the important moments. The last slide then sums it up showing what the future will bring then comes the question, ‘Will you marry me?’  This scenario values privacy and comfort, plus, you will get bonus points for creativity.

Shout it on the mountains top.

This is for the ones who a looking for a public and lasting impression. Valentine proposals in movie theaters, music concerts or over the radio are sights to behold. This, however, requires adequate planning and a few calls or trips to the venue of choice just to get the proposal right.

Proposals are meant to be emotional and if someone asks, ‘how did you two get engaged?’ a romantic story on your perfect Valentine’s engagement is always a heartwarming start.