9 Valentine’s Day tips for guys

Valentine’s day has moved on from the red painting of the town. Unlike women who are generally born romantics, men always find themselves struggling to please and raise the bar. A little advice for fellas, if you have a relationship that is going well and want to keep it that way, it might be best that you try not to overlook the love month. Here are some tips to keep you on your toes as you plan for the upcoming Valentines Day.

Start early

Forgetting Valentines Day can be viewed as bad, however, failing to start planning early and having your plan fail in front of your eyes is worse. After deciding on activities of the day, start organizing yourself by perhaps creating a small checklist. Mark the milestones on your calendar if you have to. Plan ahead to make it memorable.

Mind the spend

This is especially for those couples that share a bank account. Going overboard with expenses will attract attention from your partner, ruining the surprise in the long run. Also, keeping within the budget will lessen her worry on expenses and give her a chance to enjoy the surprise. At times, it’s the little thought out things that matter.

Put the phone down

Regularly checking for messages and rushing to pick up a call or update your social media feed is a huge buzz kill for such an occasion. Turn off your electronics and focus all your attention on your partner. An exception to the rule is to keep a camera close by for those goofy and life-changing moments.

A little romance wouldn’t hurt

Being a man doesn’t necessarily mean no feelings. Valentine’s day is all about romance. If going out, take time to dress up the part. Hold her hand, pull her chair at the restaurant, leave little love notes and maybe, send her some flowers to her office.

Some DIY perhaps?

Creativity and innovation will earn you major point this Valentine’s. Engage in some homemade DIY activities to demonstrate thought for your partner. You could perhaps make a card using her favorite colors or make a collage from pictures of you as a couple. Cut out some love hearts and write notes all over. The goal is to make her smile.

Be the chef

Almost definitely, the day always includes a meal. Be it for breakfast in bed, some delicious brunch or dinner, pick up the apron for once and make her a home-cooked meal.

Write down how you feel

Jot down a love note, an expression of feelings that she can refer to on her worst days.  This should be simple to show how much she means to you, what you love about her and how she makes you feel. Get it delivered to her office or home and seal the deal.

Settle down for a movie she loves

Valentine’s day is all about chick flicks. Do not pressure her to watch a football game or your action-packed series if she doesn’t subscribe to them. Let her choose what she would like for once.

Chocolate or flowers?

Valentines Engagement Ring Kenya

If you are feeling the time is right, why not go for an engagement ring? Choose a ring that fits your budget, perhaps an affordable and long-lasting silver piece. The big tip on this is to make sure that you read her signs and drop some hints. This should help you decide on the best proposal idea that would melt her heart.