How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget

A Pendant

Feeling anxious about Valentine’s Day? Perhaps caused by anxiousness on the looming projected, out of pocket spend? Fear not. We have fantastic tips for you on some on the budget activities to still guarantee you a fantastic day but on a moderate spend.

The Ideas Jar

Relationships are about inclusivity. A great way to get spontaneous and collect Valentine’s ideas from your partner is by putting together your thoughts. As you plan towards the day, set up a jar or a box where each partner will drop in a written out thought on simple ideas to do for Valentines. Together, choose the ideas that are feasible and those that fit within your budget.

Look out for couples’ deals

Valentine’s day is a heavily commercialized calendar event with numerous offers directed for couples. From movie tickets to gifts, cab rides to fashion and jewelry, one is sure to enjoy unbelievable discounts on this day. So as to be sure not to miss out on these great deals, be on the lookout for publications on the media or take a trip to the nearest store to see what works.

Dinner at home

Home cooked meals are a sure way of saving a few coins for this Valentine’s Day. You automatically spend more when you eat out due to the logistical expenses incurred. To get the mood right, you could play some warm music and work on ambiance lighting by using candles. Spruce up the dining room with a few petals or flowers and accompany the dinner with a good bottle of wine or your favorite drink. Point to note, eating in is not an excuse for shabby dressing. Dress up and play the part.

Thinking flowers?

Valentines doesn’t just have to be about red roses, which tend to be a bit more expensive on this day.  Go for other floral options in the market. Alternatively, you could buy the roses early in advance, store them carefully and save yourself some coins. Choose bouquets with tight buds thereby allowing them to stay fresh for a longer period as you await the D-Day to approach.

Low-key bling’s

Valentines is mostly always about gifts and jewelry. Silver Jewelry in the form of unique pendant, ring or bracelet pieces are affordable gifts that you can go for.  Make sure you choose a trusted jeweler with a variety of pieces to choose from. Get it nicely wrapped and packed together with written love note expressing your affection for your partner.