Romantic Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

Silver Valetines Day Engagement Ring

February is the month of love. The deal with this month is that it is the ‘marriage proposal’ season, which leads to the biggest event of our lives, wedding day. Many brides attest that the groom proposed on a valentine’s day, the crowning of love with a ring and a tale.

The traditional restaurant idea has for a long time ruled the proposal ‘game’; However, this proposal ritual is predictable. The element of surprise is one to consider coupled up with things the two of you enjoy doing together.

So what are those out of the box Valentine’s day proposal ideas?

Organize a picnic with a mixture of your girlfriend’s close friends and your friends, in the midst of having the fun, pop that question.

For party people, karaoke night could be an option. At your favorite spot, make sure she sings her song before you, and then sing a ‘leading’ song. After which you pop the question. If you chose to run with this idea, ensure the DJ is up to speed with what you are up to lest you wait the whole night for your song.

Remember ‘share a coke’? Have four coke cans written ‘will, you, marry, me’ one wordper can. Have it packaged and make a personal delivery at her place of work. When she opens the package, get to your knees and show the ring. With this, you have to make arrangements with coca cola as well as your girlfriend’s manager.

For ‘campaholics’, out of the ordinary activities that go on, set up a scavenger hunt. To be safe write the names on the hunters on the prize, you do not want your ring to land in the ‘wrong’ hands.

Speaking of rings, one should go for one that has personality, class and attitude for the intention. A sterling silver ring is a good option, why? It’s got personality and class, in that, it is the brightest and the most brilliant of all metal and is more affordable. As for the attitude, you know what your ‘sugar and spice’ loves so the attitude is your choice.

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