Planning an Engagement on Valentine’s Day

Are you looking forward to this year’s Valentine’s Day? Are you planning to pop the question on this special day? Well, let me start by congratulating you on taking the step to propose to you partner. Marriage is a sweet commitment that I believe everyone that is in love should experience.

If you have been thinking about proposing to your girlfriend or boyfriend for a while now, there is no better day to do it that on the most romantic day of the year. As it is only a few days to Valentine’s Day, it is time for you to go out and purchase a beautiful ring; one that will impress her (or him).
Engagements are perfect Valentine’s Day gifts. What makes them significant is the fact that they represent someone special professing their undying love to their life partners. It is a solid, permanent and tangible symbol of love and commitment.

That said, take the time and ensure that you pick a fine piece of engagement ring. Sterling silver for instance is one jewellery metal tat ever disappoints. The metal is precious which makes sterling silver jewellery pieces one of the most sought after jewellery around the globe.

When purchasing your ring, make sure that you keep hers(or his) personal taste in mind. Remember that you are buying this ring for someone else and when you fail to consider their taste and preference, you might end up ruining the mood. It is also important that you know what her or his ring size is.

To highlight your special gift and make thee day more memorable, plan a romantic setting. Whether it’s during dinner in a fancy hotel, or just an inhouse proposal with close friends and family, ensure that the theme is romantic and that everything and anyone around you complements the occasion.

Engagements should be unforgettable and unique, and planning to propose to your partner on Valentine’s Day is a way of making that special occasion one to remember. Make yours extra special with sterling silver engagement rings, flowers and some chocolate and start your happily ever after with smiles.

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