How to Store your Jewellery Pieces

After celebrating Valentine’s Day just a few days ago, you probably have a new piece (or pieces) of jewellery that your soul mate got you as the day’s gift. The gift is definitely blissful, but you have a big challenge ahead of you; where and how to store them.

Contrary to what people think, storing jewellery can be a daunting task. Fortunately, this post has all the information you need to ensure that those pieces that you love so much are in good condition and shape. Read on to learn different safe ways for storing jewellery.

  • Keep every necklace in a separate jewellery box.
    Do not put all your necklaces together. Necklaces are prone to get tangled together so keeping them separately will ensure that you have an easy time picking which to wear.
  • Keep dangling earrings hanging freely.
    To ensure that you earrings don’t lose their original shape, leave them hanging freely on an earring holder. Visit your jewellery store today and purchase an earring holder or a jewellery organizer if you don’t have one already.
  • Keep all your stud earrings together.
    Due to their small size, it is very easy to lose or misplace your studs. Ensure that you keep them together in a jewellery box or a stud organizer. If you do not have any of the two, you come up with your own special place where you can keep them safe. For example, you can use ice trays to organize your stud earrings.
  • Keep your most precious stones separate from other jewellery pieces.
    Do you value your diamond rings, your gold chains or sterling silver pieces; keep them safely away from dust. This will keep them shining and ensure that they are safe from falling and chipping.
  • Finally, ensure that your jewellery pieces are out of children’s reach.
    As we all know, children are curious and it is in their nature to snoop around. Keeping your jewellery away from them will keep them safe as jewellery may pose as choking hazards.