Proposing this Valentine’s? Here is a guide for the perfect engagement ring

Congratulations! It is, finally, Valentine’s. You planned to make that day the most memorable for your partner, you will go on one knee or Inscribe a huge ‘Will you Marry Me’ text on the sand, But with a few days to go, have you found the perfect engagement ring? Fear not! Here is our guide to getting that ring just in time for your Valentine’s magical proposal.

The Cut & Style

Are you considering a simply styled ring or one with adornments? The shape or the cut of the ring is always a great place to start in your engagement ring search.

Go for a design that matches your partner’s style. Study them to see what kind of jewelry they like. If she is drawn to cool or shiny hues, then you may want to opt for sterling silver engagement rings.

Size matters

It’s easy to get the correct ring size if you are ring shopping with your partner, however, the challenge comes when you want it as a complete surprise. At the jewelers, you will find a ring size chart to guide you on identifying the ring size.  All you need is a close estimation and the jeweler will help you get a size that closely fits. How do we suggest you get the measurements in the first place? Well, you have to be creative! Measure her finger as she sleeps or ask their close friend and family to gather the information for you.

The blending rule

Not to be presumptuous, but it might be a great idea to buy your wedding bands and the engagement ring from the same jeweler. Not only does this save you on cost, but it also assures you of buying pieces that blend or complement each other. Find a jeweler that can give you varieties of both rings so that you can choose in advance.

Of money matters

An engagement ring is a pretty deep commitment. However, be sure to work within your budget. Also keep in mind that the more stones and adornments you want, the more the price goes up. If budget allows, you could also opt to engrave a message or initials on the ring. While the popular range of engagement rings is crafted from platinum or gold, you will find that silver engagement rings are becoming more popular due to their affordability and lifespan.

Visiting a jewelry store is always the best way to get advice on engagement rings and you get to sample different varieties. Visit us and let us help you make the most memorable valentine’s engagement.