5 Different Bracelets you can buy in Nairobi Kenya

Silver Bracelet in Nairobi-Kenya

Nairobi, the vast city in Kenya that is known for its diversity, creativity and uniqueness offers endless selections of jewellery. If you are a jewellery lover, then Nairobi is the place to shop.

However, this post focuses on bracelets, the often overlooked decorative pieces. Just like earrings, rings and pendants, bracelets bring their own beauty and shine to your wrist. Man or woman, there are endless bracelet selections to choose from. All you have to do is find one that accentuates your overall appearance.

Mentioned below are 5 different types of bracelets that you cannot afford to miss in your jewellery box this year.

  • Beaded bracelets – truth be told, 8 out of every 10 people in Nairobi have beaded bracelets on their arms. The beaded bracelet is the most common, most loved and one of the most creative piece that you will come across.

Beaded bracelets are also known as charm bracelets to different cultures in and outside Kenya. So whether looking for creativity and glam, or healing and charm, beaded bracelets are a jewellery pieces you should not miss.

  • Stainless steel bracelets – as you have undoubtedly heard, stainless steelis durable and resists corrosion and oxidation. If you are looking for a bracelet that will not be affected by day to day activity and pose a risk for corroding or rusting, then stainless steel is the piece for you. And just like beaded bracelets, a stainless steel piece will compliment any look, casual or official.
  • Leather bracelets – the beauty about leather is that it has an elegant appeal for both men and women. It is durable and it looks perfect on different looks just as much as beaded and stainless steel ones. So, whether you heading to the office or for a meet and greet with your friends, a leather bracelet will definitely add zest to your whole look.
  • Couple bracelets – looking for a jewellery piece that you and your partner can wear? If yes, look no further. Having gained popularity in Nairobi over the years, couple bracelets are a great choice. The beauty about these bracelets is that they can be customized to your preference. And since they are a symbol of love, couple bracelets make an excellent anniversary gift.
  • Sterling silver bracelets – known for its beauty and strength, sterling silver is and will always be a good choice. The sparkle that sterling silver jewellery gives cannot be ignored. So, get that instant glam and glimmer with a sterling silver bracelet.

However, to get the best results with sterling silver jewellery pieces pair ensure that your dress code is popping with colour.  Fashion experts believe that cool ornaments with silver look great with colours.