Gifts of Charm: Tips for Choosing The Best Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets


Are you looking for a piece of thoughtful one-of-a-kind jewelry for your best friend, family, or even colleague? Express yourself this Valentine’s Day with sterling silver charm bracelets. Charm bracelets are versatile and unique gifts that your valentine will love. However, with many styles and designs, how does one choose the best charm bracelet? We have put together a few tips to ease your selection process.

Tip #1: Get the right charm.

The thing that makes the sterling silver bracelet so unique are the trinkets attached to the bracelet. You need to pick out the right charms or charm combinations that match the theme and message you are sending. Each charm might represent a special trait or interest your friend has or you like about them.  Would you wish to put charms of her birthstone, his pet, a city she traveled to, or a book he loved? The choices are endless.

Tip 2#: Focus on the weight

Chunky charm bracelets are not for everyone. Some people like light bracelets while others wouldn’t mind the weight. Ensure that the charms you choose not to make the sterling silver bracelet too heavy to wear. A good tip is to go for semi-permanent charms that can easily be removed or replaced. Should your friend feel the bracelet to be too heavy, they could always remove some charms to lighten it.

Tip 3#: Go for the right size.

As a rule of thumb, large bracelets don’t look good on smaller wrists. Get the right wrist size before purchasing the bracelet. Right measurements help you get the correct sterling silver charm bracelet that does not look too tight and avoids one that slides of the hand because it is too big. The tip here is to go for a comfortable bracelet that fits your friend well enough.

Tip 4#: Quality Matters.

We understand that pricing matters a lot, especially when it comes to gifts. However, why go for a cheap substandard item that will not last? Invest in a good quality sterling silver charm bracelet by good jewelers. Charms are quite delicate and experienced jewelers know how to work on them. Selecting quality jewelry guarantees their longevity.

Tip 5#: Maintenance.

Every piece of jewelry requires periodic maintenance to keep the shine. Some materials used to make charm bracelets are easy to polish as compared to others. Sterling Silver is an example of an easy to maintain metal. Not only is it diverse in terms of designs, but charm bracelets made of silver also require minimum effort to keep them sparkling!

Last words…

Deciding the right theme for the charms is a critical step in selecting a charm bracelet. After narrowing down your theme, visit your jeweler to find out if they have ready-made pieces or if they will require time to custom make one. Once you get your perfect sterling silver charm bracelet, proceed to wrap it and surprise your loved one!