Everything You Need to Know About Silver Jewelry

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Silver jewelry has become increasingly popular over the recent years among various age brackets. Wearing silver jewelry is considered trendy and classy. Its high demand is attributed to its affordable prices and availability compared to other metals.

Jewelry designers have become accustomed to using silver because it contains easy to work with properties. From its malleable and lustrous nature to its high reflectivity, silver is ideal for making jewelry.

However, most people do not know the true value of silver or the history behind it. This article compiles everything you need to know about silver and helps you understand why silver jewelry is considered amazing.

The History of Silver

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Silver is among the seven metals of antiquity used in prehistoric times. Ancient man discovered silver about 5000 years BC as a native metal. The prehistoric man found its soft and reflective nature ideal for making decoration ornaments. That is how silver jewelry has evolved over time.

Silver is also known as the white metal. The name silver originated from the old English Anglo-Saxon word ‘seolfor’ meaning silver. Whereas the symbol for silver (Ag) originated from Latin meaning argentum.

Silver has dominated the market in the 21st century because of the advancement in technology over the years in its production and mining.

Types of Silver in Jewelry


Silver is soft and highly malleable in its purest form. This state makes it prone to damage or bending when used in making jewelry. Silver is therefore alloyed with other metals to harden it and make it more durable.

Here are some common types of silver alloys used in jewelry:

  1. Pure Silver Jewelry

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This refers to silver in its purest forms of 99% and 1% consisting of other elements. This type of jewelry is hypoallergenic and does not tarnish. The hallmark used for pure silver is .999 FS.

Cons: Due to its soft nature, this jewelry is easily distorted and bends easily. It is recommended on less contact jewelry like earrings and chains.

  1. Sterling Silver Jewelry

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Sterling silver is the most popular silver alloy. It consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. The standard hallmark for sterling silver is .925 STG.

This jewelry is not only harder and more durable but also hypoallergenic. Sterling silver is sometimes plated with rhodium to create a better quality jewelry with enhanced brightness. This piece does not tarnish quickly and has a higher durability.


  1.  Plated or Filled Silver Jewelry

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Silver plated implies that a thin layer of silver has been coated over the base metal. This type of jewelry is relatively cheap with a low life span. It is mostly used for costume jewelry.

Silver filled jewelry on the other hand, has a thicker layer coated over the base metal compared to the silver plated jewelry. Its quality sits between the sterling and plated silver.


The True Value of Silver over Other Metals

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Silver is the most reflective metal across a visible light wavelength. Thus it has a shimmering grey appearance that adds a classy and graceful touch to any outfit. This quality to blend well with multiple looks makes it popular over other metals in making jewelry.

Silver is malleable in nature, making it easy to mold it into various forms. It can be molded into necklaces, rings, pendants, watches, bracelets and many other forms of jewelry. It is also customizable with gemstones to give it an even more aesthetic appeal.

Silver is among the lightest metals. This implies that the jewelry is ideal for daily use especially if you dislike carrying around heavy things.

Unlike platinum, silver does not scratch or tarnish easily. We advise avoiding sodium chloride or chlorine while wearing silver jewelry because they damage the jewelry.


Are you wondering why you should choose silver jewelry? Wearing silver jewelry has both health and fashion related benefits. Here are a few mentioned benefits.

  • Silver is hypoallergenic. Most people have sensitive skins that develop rashes when exposed to metals like nickel or brass. Pure and sterling silver are allergy free.
  • Silver helps to regulate body temperature. Silver naturally offsets electrical disturbances to the body hence improving body temperature and circulation.
  • Silver helps avoid potentially toxic environs. An example is when the human body has accumulated excess sodium.

If the silver jewelry has been worn continuously, it will turn blue. This is a good indication to stay away from salty diets and seek medical assistance.

  • Silver is highly versatile. You can easily pull off any outfit with silver jewelry. Furthermore, silver pairs easily with different metals and can be customized to create a statement piece.


Authenticity and Maintenance of Silver Jewelry

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If you have allergic reactions to metals ensure you get genuine silver. Authentic silver is hypoallergenic. Do an authenticity test to ensure you are not conned.Place it over a strong magnet. If the piece is attracted to the magnet, then it’s definitely not silver.

You can check the hallmark stamp on your jewelry to ensure it is genuine. Furthermore, if you smell your piece and feel a metallic smell of any kind, then it is not silver. Silver is odorless.

Take good care of your jewelry. You can do that by avoiding any kind of chemicals or cleaning agents because they may contain substances that could tarnish the silver. Practice taking out your jewelry as the first thing when you get home and when going swimming to avoid any potential factors that could cause damage to your jewelry.

However, if your jewelry tarnishes over time, worry not. You can use a polishing cloth to wash away the tarnish and recover the beautiful luster. The polish cloth is only meant for pure or sterling silver pieces, we do not recommend it for coated jewelry.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for a precious piece to last you years or a classic design to go with your outfits, silver jewelry will come in handy. Remember to store your jewelry pieces in airtight bags to avoid too much contact with air because it could cause tarnish.

Silver is a beautiful choice for jewelry, go ahead and try it out. Invest in high quality pieces to be assured of a longer life span. Buy your jewelry from reputable stores or websites to ensure it is genuine.