How to Store and Polish Silver Jewellery at Home

Since time immemorial, sterling silver has been one of the most popular metals when it comes to jewellery. It’s not only renowned for its beautiful shine but also the durability that it holds. However, sterling silver pieces can quickly lose their shine and beauty with a simple neglect.

Wondering what would make such lustrous pieces tarnish? This piece is meant to help you understand exactly what happens when you neglect your silver jewellery, how to store them and how to polish them for than sleek look. So (please) read on.

That said, here is exactly how silver pieces taint. When they are poorly stored they acquire dust and dirt especially from air pollution. Moreover, since such pieces sit in our bedrooms, they’re more likely to be exposed to body sprays, deodorants and other harsh substances. Such exposure is what makes them loose their shine and if left unattended they made be of little worth.

To ensure that you do not fall victim, here are a few steps on how to store your jewellery pieces;

  • Clean the pieces – this should be the first thing you do before storing your jewellery. Ensure that you wipe off dust and sweat from all your pieces before putting them away.
  • Find air tight jewellery boxes – depending on how many pieces you have, look for air tight boxes. Wooden boxes are the best for storing silver but please ensure that the boxes are coated (ant tarnishing).
  • For uncoated boxes use ant tarnishing paper – if you are not lucky to find a coated wooden boxes for your jewellery, invest in an ant tarnishing paper and ensure that the pieces are keenly wrapped before storage.
  • Store each jewellery type separately – to avoid scratching, do not store all your pieces in one box. This will also ensure that chances of having the pieces broken is highly reduced.

Now, assuming that you have pieces that are already tarnished, worry not. Here is a quick remedy for such. Get at least 1 litre of water. In the water add a tablespoon of baking soda and a small piece of aluminium foil and bring the water to boil. Drop your silver pieces in the water for about 10 seconds then pull them out carefully with kitchen tongs. When that is done, get a damp sponge and wipe off all the areas. Lastly, dry the pieces off with a dry but soft cloth for a shiny finish.

So, there you have it all.

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