Birthstone Earrings, What is Your Birthstone


We live in a world where a great majority of people believe in the power of jewellery. For centuries, pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets just to mention but a few have become a great way for people to accentuate their looks.

However, with the endless options that you may have when it comes to choosing your ideal jewellery, it is quite evident that birthstone jewellery pieces are gaining more popularity these days. Why, you may ask?

Birthstone jewellery are said to be personal as they are made to represent a person’s birth month. Now, assuming you have the intentions of gifting someone on their special day, birthstone earrings would be the perfect gift.

However, before you can choose the birthstone earrings for that special someone or even for yourself, it is paramount that you understand the lucky charm that every stone of the month holds. So, keep reading to find out what Birthstone is all about;

  • January which is represented by a garnet denotes fidelity, faith and truth. February is represented by a sweet violet purple Amethyst which signifies strength, royalty and honesty. Aquamarine which is said to signify satisfaction and gladness is the gemstone that represents the month of March.
  • The month of April is said to the special month because it is represented by the diamond gemstone. Diamond gemstones are known to be a symbol for loyalty. Emeralds which are for the month May symbolize integrity and brainpower. Moving on, for that person with an unbreakable spirit deserves an Alexandrite which represents the month of June.
  • Rubies are for July and they are a symbol of passion and desire. August is represented by Peridots which signify protection, love and good health. Sapphires are for September as a sign of inner peace to the wearer.
  • Tourmaline is for October as a protection sign, Citrine for November as a symbol of joy and buoyancy. Last but not least, the Blue Topaz represents December which is meant to disperse any unlucky enchantments away from the wearer.

Now that you have a clear elucidation of the different birthstones, the energies they bring and the great sense of fashion they hold, it is time to do some shopping.

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