4 Jewellery Pieces that are Suitable for an Office Look

Welcome to today’s generation where looking fabulous has become a necessity. Yes, even office looks that were long known to be dull and boring are now becoming vibrant with a little touch of jewellery added to the looks.

If you work in a setting that requires you to be in an official outfit at all times, am pretty sure that you are having a hard time choosing the right jewellery for the office. Not to worry, this post is for you; meant to help you discover 6 amazingly stunning pieces that you can wear to the office without looking ridiculous. So, keep reading…

  • Earrings – for ladies, earrings are the best pieces to put on when rocking that office look. Earring studs are the most common as they are less conspicuous. However, if you would like add a little more flavour to your work outfit, you can wear some dangling earrings. But please ensure that the dangle is not too exposed. Big earrings are a no when in the office, so be mindful of the size.


Quick tip; choose sterling silver earrings as the shine in silver looks great in and out of the office.

  •  Watches – this is an obvious piece as most people cannot leave the house without strapping on a wrist watch. However, you have to understand that some watch designs are not appropriate for an office look. You have o try and stay simple in as much as your aim is to accentuate your look.
  • Truth is, the kind of jewellery we put on can make or break a look and if you are looking to make that office look great, you have to have a great taste in jewellery. And what better way to have that nice shine and glow that with silver watches?
  • Rings – rings are known to be a simple of love but in this day and age, they have become a must have for anyone who loves jewellery. In love or not, a great majority of people are loving the beauty that comes with wearing rings. Just like the watches, keep your rings simple and small in size. Even when customizing them, please ensure that they are not extreme.

  • Bracelets – are you known to communicate with a lot of hand gestures? If yes, then this is one jewellery piece that you need to have in your jewellery box. As you keep moving your hands, so will people around you have a glimpse of that gorgeous bracelet that you are rocking. Just remember to keep the size appropriate.

As a final point, please note that the bigger the jewellery, the nosier the fashion statement. So, this basically means that big and chunky pieces are an outright no for any workplace.