Jewellery Trends in Kenya – 4 Reasons why You Should Choose Silver

There are different metals that give different jewellery pieces out there. However, there has been much love for silver since time immemorial. One would wonder why the metal has gained so much popularity hence the reason for this post.

Read on to find out why silver is one of the best metals that fashion lovers pride in. on the onset though, you need to understand that silver is a highly malleable metal so in its purest form it cannot make jewellery. Sterling silver on the other hand which happens to be the combination of the metal and other elements is what makes jewellery.

Sterling silver is durable, sophisticated and stunning to look at. That said, here are 4 reasons why you should choose sterling silver for your jewellery;

  • Sterling silver has no allergic reactions – most jewellery piece s in the market contains nickel which is known to give some allergic reactions. And since of the people tend to react to nickel; it is advisable for jewellery lovers to choose pieces that are nickel free. The good news is, sterling silver is nickel free and hypoallergenic.
  • Sterling silver is timeless – since most of us get attached to our jewellery, it would be a great idea buying jewellery pieces that are incredibly durable. With the strength that sterling silver holds, it is obvious that the pieces made of sterling silver will be timeless. A food enough reason for anyone looking to buy jewellery that will not tarnish or break with time.
  • Sterling silver never goes out of fashion – jewellery trends come and go but sterling silver always stays in fashion. The beauty and sophistication that this special metal has never dies. No matter how many times the trends change, there will always be something made of sterling silver in the market.
  • Sterling silver is easy to customize – this metal gives you the freedom to change, modify and alter your pieces to your liking. So, if you are looking for a jewellery metal that can be customized to certain specifications, then sterling silver is the best choice for you.

Well, here is a chance for you to look great in one of the best jewellery pieces you could ever find. Knowing that sterling silver also stands the test of time, I think you should have at least one piece of sterling silver in your jewellery box.