Jewellery Trends in 2021

Bold and Commanding Silver Male ring

Jewellery trends have a way of invariably affecting public opinion on items of clothing and accessories. Some of the items exceed the labels of trends and evolve into long-term. This is particularly interesting for jewellery which tends to lapse over time. This article looks at some of the current trends in jewellery. Here’s to hoping you can find something trendy that will tickle your fancy.

Statement jewellery

sterling necklace

Statement jewellery dominated the world’s runways in recent years, and you can have a chunk of that appearance on the cheap. Chunky earrings, super-sized silver hoops and bracelets are ideal for laid back outfits. Bold silver necklaces with pronounced shapes are good for emphasising one’s neckline.

Long silver necklace

long silver necklace

A trend that is rapidly becoming a staple of statement jewellery is long necklaces. Fashion houses have since hopped on the trend, adorning elegant chains with precious stones and ornaments. You can have your own special moment too, you know.

silver necklace

You can pair a long silver necklace with a shiny pendant, a colourful stone or wear it plainly. Long silver necklaces give a certain chic look that emphasises whatever top it is layered on. Careful, though. Long chains can get snagged on car seats and other furniture. So, to be safe, jewellery that reaches the upper torso is more than fine, on top of being fashionable.

Layering necklaces

layering necklace

Newer fashion trends have revealed the immense beauty found in layering necklaces. This is ideal for two types of necklaces with a similar design language.

Pearl necklaces

pearl necklace

Pearl necklaces have been making a comeback in fashion trends. This is because of newer ways of designing and placing of different pearls on silver necklaces has become popular.

It all depends with the style that appeals to you. There are stylish necklaces on which the pearls are draped from end to end. There are also pearl necklaces that use fewer pearls centred on a silver necklace. This is a unique accessory that stands out from the pearl necklaces of old.


silver bracelet

Bracelets make for a casual look that resembles that observed in bangles. However, the rigid nature of bracelets make them stand out more. This makes them ideal for use on either hand that complements evening wear perfectly. Shiny bracelets made of sterling silver are all the rage right now, and they may be that item that is missing in your wardrobe.

Chain-link jewellery

chain link jewellery

Chain-link jewellery is a vibrant and bold choice for any who wishes to flaunt their neckline. Not only are they popular in necklaces, but they have been embraced in bracelets and handbag design as well. The popularity of the trend is growing as a result of its ease of matching with elements in your existing wardrobe.

Initial necklaces were once viewed as the status symbol of extravagant entertainers. However, fashion has since evolved to embrace silver necklaces with pendants shaped like letters of the alphabet. The initial can mean anything to you, and when matched with a simple silver chain, provides an elegant look.

Sterling silver rings

sterling silver ring

Sterling silver rings is undergoing a current social popularity that is worth the beautiful items themselves. Rings, for a long period, were associated with marital attachments and other officially recognized figures. However, modern ring wearing culture is quite contemporary.

Gold and silver rings have been the craze for many years in the past. Currently, more and more people are embracing the glimmer that is silver rings. They are vastly inexpensive and pair well with both official and casual outfits. Additionally, many of the available silver rings stand out in a classic shimmer on a person’s hand.


silver earrings

Earrings have always been and will be an avenue for experimentation and innovation. This is explained by the current resurgence in oversized earrings. These were popular in the late 20th century but faded away slightly in the past decades.

Fashion trends, however, were not having it. Current indications show immense popularity in bold and oversized earrings. Gone are the days of the simple earrings, for currently abstract and bold geometric shapes taken a hold of public interest.

silver earrings

Shapes like stars, loops, and more creative shapes are common in many marketplaces. Apart from being a statemen on their own, oversized earrings frame and emphasize a person’s face and their hairdo. Such accessories therefore complements and completes one appearance for casual dressing.

The modern world generally appreciates subtle colour mixing of accessories, which is a trend that has been widely adopted in the automotive industry. And no, this does not refer to the popular colour blocking notion. Several tones of colours that complement each other makes for very appealing visuals.

Dual tone jewellery

dual tone jewellery

For that extra bit of glimmer in your walk, you can try dual tone jewellery.  This refers to finding a necklace set with different  coloured stones that will give a beautiful contrast for that  striking and unique look or you can also pair silver and gold.

In general, trends are heading more towards bold and striking accessories that stand out. It is worth noting that many of the accessories mentioned are ideal for informal settings. For formal wear, simple silver studs, chains and watches serve the purpose of being both elegant and appropriate.

dual tone jewellery

Much of this depends on how adventurous you are feeling. If something like a long necklace with a pendant feels overwhelming, try out a shorter chain with the same pendant. Much of this is about being comfortable and not just worried about convenience or appearance.

Last but not least, silver is growing in popularity. This means that silver jewellery is plenty and is getting more affordable and intricate as more designs are conceived and forged each day. Ideally, look around, find what feels right, then proudly strut with your gleaming jewel looking classically elegant.