Things you Should Know Before Buying Silver Jewellery

There was a time when people were a bit skeptical about silver metal, silver jewellery to be precise. However, today, anyone with a sense of style, fashion and creativity would agree that silver is not any lesser compared to gold or the like.

Available in the market today are different pieces of sterling silver that you can choose from. They come in different sizes, designs, types and thickness. And depending on your personal tastes and preference, rest assured that with the wide selection of exciting and attractive jewellery, you can get anything and everything that matches your desires.

Now, with the thousands of pieces to choose from, buying silver jewellery can be a bit exhausting. Here is what you should know before buying silver jewellery;

The material used in all silver jewellery pieces is not made from ‘pure silver’. The reason behind not using pure silver is that, silver itself is very soft, malleable and is easily damageable. Jewellery makers combine pure silver with a different metal to make it durable. The two metals combined, make up an alloy which in this case, is referred to as sterling silver.

Basically most sterling silver jewellery are made up of pure silver and copper. Nonetheless, silver makes up the highest percent (93%)while copper takes about 7%. Although silver and copper make up the best combination in terms of jewellery making, there are other metals too that can be combined with silver; zinc and nickel.

These metals are termed as the best because despite their durability and strength, they do not change the color of silver. Combining silver with these alloys also makes it gentle on skin. That being said, anytime you come across sterling silver, think of it as an investment. Regardless of your choice of jewellery, you can be sure that as long as it is silver, it is worth every penny.

Thanks to sterling silver, you can now complete your ideal look. Whether fancy and exciting casual wear or classy official wear, silver jewellery are a perfect match. Truth is, sterling silver jewellery are affordable yet sophisticated enough. And just like gold and platinum, they make good gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and so on.