Jewellery in Kenya – Factors to Consider when Making a Purchase

The New Year has just began and your jewellery box sure needs an upgrade. If you are a jewellery lover, then shopping for some new pieces is something you are going to love. We have a few factors for you to consider when shopping for jewellery in Kenya.

That said, please keep reading and ensure that your shopping mood is right before you walk into that store or maybe browse for online stores. And if it is your first time buying jewellery, worry not. We all have a first time, and this piece will be great guidance.

  • Metal – Understand the different metals

There are different types of metal that are used for jewellery pieces. It is upon you to find one that feels right for you or for the person you intend to gift. However, with the vast range of metals, we cannot miss to mention that the finest, most celebrated of all happens to be sterling silver. It is a choice that suits thousands of jewellery lovers.

  • Price – Your budget is paramount

Jewellery is not cheap. If you do not wish to part with a few thousands, then you are looking for the wrong thing. However, this does not meant that you have to break a bank to own a piece or two. There are different price ranges to choose from. All you need to do is find a range that fits your financial status.

  • Seller – Ensure you know your jeweller

The secret to buying good jewellery is finding a trustworthy jeweller. Do not shop jewellery without at least getting some background information about a certain jeweller. A good jeweller treats clients with respect. A good jeweller has a remarkable reputation. A good jeweller is ethical. Be cautious!

  • Occasion – Buy to compliment the event

Most of the time, we shop for jewellery for special occasions. Be mindful of your occasion when shopping for jewellery. For example, if you would love to sparkle in some new pieces in a wedding, you can choose some sterling silver necklaces and earrings. For this choice however, you must also consider the outfit because jewellery is meant to compliment your outfit.

  • Good word – Consider recommendations

Choosing jewellery might be quite taxing. And if you seem to have a hard time finding the right one or perhaps the right jeweller, talk to your trusted friend/friends. There are jewellers out there who have quite the reputation and a food word from one, two or more people will be a plus. Truth is, with such recommendations you will sure save you time and energy.

To conclude, do not be too quick to settle for a piece. Do your research and take your tie. The market has endless options.