Engagement Tips Kenya– Which Finger is an Engagement Ring Worn?

There has been a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to engagement rings and the finger that these rings should be worn. Lucky for you if you are also caught up in the confusion because this here is a piece reading. Read on and learn which finger is best when it comes to wearing an engagement ring.

First things first, engagement rings a symbol of commitment or better yet the desire to be committed to your partner for the longest time possible. The beauty of engagements is the exact moment you pop the question and place the ring on your partner’s finger. However, ‘which finger should be ring be worn’ remains to be the question. So let’s get right to it.

Most people around the world believe that the fourth finger of the left hand is where engagement and silver wedding rings should be worn. And up to this date, this has continued to be observed in most countries across the world. Truth is, there is no hard rule about where the engagement ring should go.

If at all you don’t wish to go the traditional way (fourth finger of the left hand), you can decide where the ring should go as a couple. So, before popping the ‘will you marry me question’ try and find out what your spouse thinks about engagement rings and where they should be worn without ruining the surprise; just like you would do when finding out her/his choice of metal.

Moving on, ensure that the choice of metal you settle for is good for your partner. In this day and age, it would be unfortunate for you to ruin a beautiful engagement just because you picked the wrong metal. Take time to do a research based on your partner’s taste and preferences. However, if you have a hard time deciding, you can always go with silver.

Young, old, fashionably aware or not, any woman would be pleased with a silver piece of jewellery, especially an engagement ring. Moreover, any modern day jeweller would agree silver rings are a good choice for a great majority of women out there.

At the end of the day, the choice of exotic jewellery pieces for weddings and engagements depends on what the couple wants. There is a lot of exciting trends to date but it will still come down to your preference and that of your partner.