Say ‘I Love You’ With Silver Jewellery


Is there really a better way to say I love you than with a piece of sterling silver jewellery? I guess not. If you have gifted someone special with silver jewellery then am sure you know without a doubt that there is always something special about silver.

New to the charm that this metal holds? Please keep reading. This post is meant to help you say ‘I love you’ with more than just words. Truth is saying the three sweet words ‘I love you’ can never be enough. But it will certainty mean much if you say it with silver jewellery pieces.


Words are easily forgotten, words are easily taken for granted but declaring your love to someone with a gift especially jewellery will be magical. We all know that jewellery pieces are long lasting and they will act as a suitable reminder of your love for this person for as long as possible. This is to say that you can never go by choosing sterling silver as symbol of your love for her or him.

But why silver, you would ask? Here are 4 reasons why sterling silver will your partners eye candy;

  • It’s a timeless metal – unlike pure silver which is known to be a malleable metal, sterling silver has the beauty and shine that this metal has without its weakness. Yes, sterling silver is a strong, refined and very nifty metal. This is what makes it timeless.
  • It is an affordable metal – with all the beauty that this metal holds, it’s one of the most affordable metals in the market. So, with your love for jewellery, you can still look good with sterling silver. Point is, you will not have to break a bank for you to afford these high quality and durable pieces.
  • It is an easy to customize metal – in this day and age, we all want things that are customized to specifically suit us, right? You are going to love your sterling silver jewellery as they are easy to customize. Whether it’s a ring you want, a neckpiece or earrings, you can customize them to fit the tastes and preferences of your loved one. You can also give your jeweller specific specifications and have a final piece that excites your loved one.

Sterling silver is a stunning metal, so is time you added some spice to that relationship.

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