Jewellery Shopping Guide for Nairobi, Kenya

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Jewelry Shopping Guide – The Do’s and Don’ts

Are you looking to upgrade the jewelry pieces in your wardrobe? Are you looking to gift a loved one with a piece or two of sterling silver jewelry? If yes, (please) read on.

Jewelry shopping, whether for self or for loved ones should always be a pleasant and unforgettable experience. To ensure that your shopping experience is nothing less, here is a list of do’s and don’ts that you should put into consideration beforehand, during, and after the shopping.

The Do’s

  • Know what you want – to avoid impulse buying, plan in advance. You will have to part with a substantial amount for you to get quality sterling silver jewelry. Therefore, do not make jewelry shopping decisions at the spur of the moment. Know exactly what you want, have a budget set, and stick to that budget.


  • Look at online reviews – with a great majority of people becoming aware of the jewelry trends for both men and women, take time to look at online reviews before shopping for your sterling silver pieces. Through their experiences, you can learn a thing or two that might be of great help to your own shopping experience.


  • Choose a renowned jeweler – do not settle for just any jeweler. Sterling silver can be quite expensive therefore you should always do your homework. Do not settle for just any jeweler. With the help of online reviews and maybe a few referrals, make sure that you choose a renowned jeweler. Consider value for money. As they say, cheap is expensive at the end of the day.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t compromise on quality – the market is filled with a wide selection of jewelry options. However, beware of counterfeit while doing your shopping. Do not settle for cheap options. You don’t have to break the bank but trust and believe, good quality jewelry pieces are not cheap. When shopping for jewelry, always think about value for money and focus on buying good quality pieces.


  • Don’t buy anything you won’t wear – a great majority of people will buy jewelry just because they are trending at the moment. Think about it, before you buy it. Is it something you will wear more often? Is it something that will compliment your look? Is it something you like? Ask yourself these three questions. By so doing, you will avoid spending a fortune on things that you don’t actually want. Basically, do not submit to the pressure for a trendy shopping spree.

Well, consider the above do’s and don’ts and it will be much easier to identify the perfect jewelry for you or your loved one.