Jewelry gifts for her this Christmas

Silver Earings for Chrsitmas

Christmas is almost with us and now is the perfect time to pick a Christmas jewelry gift for her. Gifting jewelry is personal and timeless. It’s a memorable gift to tell her how much she means to you. If you are looking for something inspirational that makes Christmas special for her, then you are in the right place. The following are some suggestions on the best jewelry gift to get her this Christmas.

  1. A silver Bracelet

A silver bracelet can be worn with any outfit. Choose a bracelet that is elegant, beautiful and complements her style. You can choose from a wide variety including charm bracelets, pearl bracelets, stone bracelets or a simple bracelet.



  1. Silver Earrings

You can never go wrong with earrings. They are simple yet elegant. They also come in different colors to match each of her outfits. Depending on her style, you can go for either the dangling earrings, the loop earrings, the pearl earrings or the stud earrings.

Silver Earings in Kenya

  1. Necklaces

Necklaces are classic because you can choose a colorful pendant to match your loved one’s style. Choose one that makes her stands out. You can choose from different designs including matching sets, 3 in 1 design, twist designs or rope designs. The pendants also vary, and you can choose the design depending on what’s important to her. From a cross pendant, a gemstone, a heart to an engraved one that makes the gift more personal.

Silver Pendant-Necklace-Kenya

  1. Ring

Rings aren’t for engagement only. They can be a perfect gift for Christmas celebrations especially if you are the secret Santa. Give one that means something to only the two of you and watch her try to figure out who gifted it to her. Hope she picks you though! To do this, make sure you choose a ring that personalizes your relationship.

You could go for an eternity ring which symbolizes unending love. It could be silver with gemstones around it. If her style is bold, the perfect jewelry gift for her this Christmas will be a silver cocktail ring. The cocktail ring makes statements and is eye-catching. She can pair it with so many things and it never goes out of fashion.

If you plan to engage her this Christmas, you can choose a silver engagement ring to seal the deal. You could also get her a promise ring or matching rings to declare your undying love for each other.

Silver Eternity Ring Kenya

  1. Silver Bracelet Watch

The silver bracelet watch will be a perfect addition to her outfits. You can choose one that complements her other jewelry or one in her favorite color. You could surprise her with a note that says your intentions by having it delivered to her in Nairobi.

Silver Bracelet Watches in Nairobi

  1. Silver Anklet

You must be very careful when choosing an anklet for her. Make sure it matches her personal style, taste and age. Anklets are available in different styles, from the outrageous to simple. If she is over 18, a simple metal chain will give her a mature look. It will be a unique gift she can wear with a complimentary outfit.


It can be a bit stressing to choose a Christmas gift for her. But if you select it with love and do it with the right intentions, then you cannot go wrong. The above tips will guide you. If you shop with us, then you can have the Jewelry gift delivered to her in Nairobi. A perfect Christmas gift shows that special person how much you treasure their love. It’s also a celebration of the precious moments you have with them.