Birthstones Monthly Guide for Kenya


Are you wondering what kind of jewelry to give your loved one for their birthday? Get them jewelry with a symbolic and energetic meaning.

Birthstones are gems that have for many years been associated with one’s birth month. Each birthstone is unique in its meaning. The Birthstones are commonly seen on bracelets, earrings, rings or necklaces. They can also be available in silver jewelry sets and this can make the whole birthdayshopping experience quite easy. The jewelry sets, consists of a necklace, bracelet, ring and earrings based on different gemstones. The birthstones are believed to bring the wearer good fortune and are a symbol of wellness.

The Birthstones by Month

January – Garnet, Color- dark red

The garnet symbolizes faith, constancy, and truth. A garnet bracelet or necklace will protect your loved one from nightmares. It will also guide them through dark times.

February – Amethyst, Color – violet

The Amethyst symbolizes sobriety, sincerity, protection, tranquility, and peace. Amethyst is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘somber’. It was believed to help one avoid intoxication or overindulgence in alcohol. We won’t guarantee it will help your friends with an alcohol tolerance butthema silver jewelry set with an amethyst gemstone, will strengthen your relationship.

March- Aquamarine, Color- blue or cyan

The aquamarine symbolizes serenity, courage, love, affection and good health. Sailors would carry these gemstones to calm them at sea and protect them from dangers.

It’s said to calm tensions in relationships and inspire courage. Gifting a loved one anearring or bracelet with aquamarine gemstones can help you express your feelings.

April – Diamond, color – available in a range of colors from red, pink, yellow, blue and green

The diamond symbolizes everlasting love. It’s also thought to symbolize courage, eternity and purity.  A beautiful diamond engagement ring symbolizes lasting love and devotion.


May- Emerald, Color – dark green

The emerald birthstone symbolizes fertility, rebirth, youth, and vitality. A jewelry set with emerald gemstones would be great for a friend not only celebrating their birthday, but also starting a new chapter of their life.

June- pearl or Alexandrite, Color- the pearls are milky white, while the alexandrite can be greenish blue, yellowish green, or with a variety of colors especially under polarized light.

Pearls are more attainable and symbolize friendship, faithfulness, loyalty, innocence, and purity. They are formed by the mollusk, a living organism. A silver jewelry set with alexandrite gemstones would be extremely rare. The color changing abilities would make it something worth gifting a loved one. Pearls too would help a friend remain calm.

July – Ruby, Color- red

The ruby symbolizes harmony, contentment, peace, power, and protection. A jewelry set with ruby diamonds will protect your friend from evil and ward off negative energy. For a loved one, it’s a perfect gift to stimulate passion and boost their sex drive.

August- Peridot, Color- olive green

The peridot symbolizes power and strength. It’s a good gift to help ward off hexes, black magic, and nightmares. It boosts mental clarity and stimulates positive thinking, especially if a friend or loved one is going through a trauma or a breakup.

September -Sapphire, Color- a variety ranging from blue to violet

The sapphire is a symbol of loyalty, healing, and wisdom. A sapphire jewelry set will help you speak your truth. It’s also believed to keep the wearer faithful and honest.

October- Tourmaline or opal, Color multicolored

They symbolize love, confidence, healing, creativity, protection, faithfulness, and strength. They also have healing properties. A ring or necklace with opal gemstones would be a perfect gift for a loved one trying to turn their goals into reality.

November- Topaz, Color- a variety of colors

The topaz is a symbol of affection and love. As a jewelry gift, the topaz increases your loved one’s strength and intellect.

December – Turquoise, Color- turquoise

The turquoise is a love charm associated with success, good fortune, and protection. A turquoise ring will protect loved ones from evil and deepen your friendship.

You can choose from different silver jewelry sets when gifting friends. A silver jewelry set gifted on a friend’s birth month will protect them and deepen your relationship.

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