The Difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring

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Rings are a favorite accessory since they come in a wide range of styles. They range from the glittering to the simple, the sophisticated, the gem crusted and are given for different reasons. But aren’t engagement rings and promise rings the same thing? What is the difference between the two types of rings?

There is actually a huge difference between the promise ring and the engagement ring. Here is a guide to help you when you decide whether to get your significant other an engagement ring or a promise ring?

What is a promise ring and what does it symbolize?

The promise ring is given as a symbol of a committed relationship. It is also referred to as a pre-engagement ring.

It symbolizes different things including:

  • Purity or a promise to remain celibate until marriage.This is given by couples that have promised each other to abstain and wait until marriage.
  • You can gift it to show that you intend to marry the other person and that you are envisioning a future with them.
  • It also symbolizes a commitment to the other person and the promise to remain monogamous in the relationship.
  • A promise ring can also be gifted as a sign of friendship between two friends who aren’t romantically involved. This type of promise ring is used to pledge friendship.
  • It can also be gifted from a parent to a child to mean that they will love them forever.
  • Promise rings are also worn to symbolize different commitments. This may include thecommitment to a goal, a pledge, faith or intention to break a habit.

They come in different designs including heart designs, gemstones or diamond rings. They are subtler and smaller than engagement rings and do not necessarily have to be worn on the wedding band finger.

Engraved Silver promise rings or custom-made rings have become popular because theypersonalize rings. Personalizing helps make the intentions clear especially if the promise ring has a gemstone or diamond. (Diamond rings are associated with marriage proposals).

What is an engagement ring and what does it symbolize?

An engagement ring, unlike a promise ring, has only one meaning. It’s a symbolic way of proposing marriage. They are worn on the ring finger (left hand) and show that one is engaged to be married.

As you can see, the ring’s intention is the main difference between an engagement ring and a promise ring. They may look similar sometimes but promise rings essentially make a commitment while engagement rings are a straightforward question-“will you marry me?”

Whether you decide to gift the promise or engagement ring, be sure to stay true to the promise and stand by the commitment.

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