Jewelry gifts in Nairobi – A Guide to Buying her the Perfect Gift

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Gift giving can be intimidating even though it’s supposed to be a joyous act. It’s an awesome way to show emotion when done right. It is timeless, personal and a great way to mark occasions. It can, however, be difficult to decide what gift to buy her.

There are many jewelry gift shops in Nairobi but before you barge into one, take a look at this guide. Shopping with these tips in mind will make sure you get something personal and awesome for that special someone.

Buy her what she likes not what you like

When buying jewelry, it’s very easy to get carried away. You might find that what you bought is to your taste and not hers. It does not mean that just because you like it she will too. No! People have different taste and you should make sure that their gift is to her taste.

What is her personality?

Make sure that the gift you buy fits her personality. Are they shy, young, spontaneous, or outgoing?  You want to get a shy person something subtle in silver while you get the spontaneous person a big golden piece that attracts attention.

Their personality will also bring out their style. Her fashion and style will show you her inner self. It will also define to the world what she finds comfortable and sexy.Do they wear large statement jewelry or simple diamond stud earrings? Think about how she looks she dresses casually and what piece of jewelry would complement her look.

Check her out and if possible her jewelry box

A pair of Pearl Earings in Nairobi,KenyaEarings KenyaStudy her carefully and find out what she likes. Is she into gold or silver? What colors does she like? Does she have big or small stones? Before purchasing that silver jewelry, picture her in it. Is it something she would wear?

These days, silver and gold are being encompassed into one piece of jewelry. However, if she sticks to either one of them, go for it. Every woman has her own unique style and taste. They also come in different body shapes and this is also something you should consider. Long earrings will look better on a woman with a long neck.

Take hints

Dangling EaringsListen. You can pick up hints on what she likes and doesn’t like from conversations she has. Pay a keen eye when you take her shopping around Nairobi, see what she admires and how she describes jewelry she sees. See her reaction to jewelry ads in magazines and TV.


Engravings personalize a gift. An engraved jewelry is great especially for marking occasions. She will associate the gift to that place or time hence making the jewelry unique and timeless. Make sure that the piece has enough space for the message you want to be written and that the correct spelling is engraved.


Earing SetAsk her friend

If unsure of what jewelry to get her, ask a friend of hers. A genuine one who will not out your secret the moment you leave the shop and ruin the surprise.  The friend will have seen her collection of jewelry and will most likely know what her friend is into. Just make sure she can keep a secret!

Keep these points in mind the next time you go shopping for jewelry in Nairobi and you won’t go wrong.You are guaranteed to make someone feel loved and special because you put effort into buying her a personal gift.