Jewelry Pieces that Every Woman Should Own

Jewelry Pieces

When it comes to jewelry for women, the options are endless, and trying to figure out what you actually need can be a daunting task. We have therefore put some ideas and highlighted some of the jewelry pieces that you can never go wrong with.

That said, here is a list of the most essential and timeless sterling silver jewelry pieces that every woman should own;

  • Sterling silver studs – every woman’s jewelry box has a pair or two of hoops and dangly earrings. Not known to many, studs are actually a great choice for not just the men but also for women who want to keep it simple but still urbane. Truth be told, sterling silver studs are a good investment; they are timeless and are ideal for all generations.
  • Chokers – if you have a long or slender neck, a sterling silver choker will be perfect for you. Without a fuss, chokers are meant to elevate a woman’s look and are ideal for a smart casual look. Moreover, with most people used to pendants and chain necklaces, you will most definitely stand out with a classy choker around your neck.
  • Rings – don’t wait for your spouse to pop the question for you to step out with a ring on your finger? Married, engaged or not, rings are perfect accessories for any modern woman. This is one jewelry option that will compliment your look regardless of the occasion. So, if you are planning to dress up for a weekend outing, for dinner, or for a day in the office, you will not go wrong with a sterling silver ring on your finger.
  • Wristwatch – for that timeless look, add a timepiece to your appearance. Wristwatches for women have been there for ages and they are still part of the trendy looks we have at the moment. There are different jewelry pieces available in the market, but a good sterling silver watch is a finishing touch that will complete your look any time, any day.
  • Ankle bracelets – we are used to elevating our looks with earrings, rings, nose rings, and neckpieces but anklets have come back and are becoming quite popular these days. If you are into street fashion and smart-casual looks, then an ankle bracelet is a must-have. Now is the time to express your arty flair with a sterling silver bracelet around your ankle.
  • Silver waist chains – this is one of the most appealing pieces any woman could invest in. Not only are they attractive but they are used to compliment your overall look especially if you are wearing clothes that show off your waistline.

Silver is known to make elegant jewelry. So, there you have it. A list of some ageless sterling silver pieces that you will not regret having.