Jewelry Trends in Men: What Inspires the Modern Man?

Men's Ring Silver

In ancient times, jewelry was an accessory for women, and the number of men that wore jewelry was limited. In fact, a wedding ring and maybe a wristwatch and occasionally a pair of cufflinks were the only jewelry you would find on a man.

Well, that time has long passed. The modern man needs jewelry just as much as the modern woman. And with the growing love and desire for jewelry in men, the market is filled with a wide variety of options. There are designs for every mood, for every occasion, and without a doubt designs for every taste and preference.

Read on for an exciting highlight of the jewelry trends we have in the market for the modern man…

  • Leather silver bracelets – if you want to bring out your arty knack, a leather silver bracelet will be exactly what you need. A wristwatch on a man is exciting, but switching that up with a nice silver bracelet is beyond exciting. So choose to go that extra mile, go beyond the ordinary, and add some spice to your overall look with this option.
  • Silver necklace pendants – you can never go wrong with silver pendants. This is why silver necklace pendants are a must in every stylish man’s closet. If you are looking for an accessory that will add a touch of elegance and class to your smart casual look, then a necklace pendant will do the trick. However, to ensure that you maintain the class and sophistication, go easy, and keep it subtle.
  • Rings – when we talk of rings, we don’t just mean wedding bands or engagement rings. Rings for men are becoming more popular than ever before. Go big or go home is a saying that should inspire every modern man, especially if you are in love with rings. Well, to make your overall look fashionable and tasteful, a good sterling silver ring will do the magic.
  • Stud earrings – a long time ago, it was deemed inappropriate for a man to wear earrings. Luckily, that has changed and nowadays men can wear any kind of earrings; from dangly to hoops and studs. This gives men a wide variety of options. However, for that classic and ‘not so over the top’ look, sterling silver studs are a perfect choice. Stud earrings are not too extreme like the dangly and hoop earrings.

Well, jewelry is an accessory that you add to your look to express your personality, it makes you stand out and above all accentuates an entire look. So, keep it bold, classy, and sophisticated with the right choice of jewelry.