Rings & Why We Wear Them On Each Finger

rings on fingers


Jewellery like rings, necklaces, anklets, bracelets, precious stones, and beads have long been part of society. These ornaments represent different things while won on certain body parts. The most common of all jewellery by far are rings. However, little is known about what it means to wear rings on different fingers.

This article explores what rings placed on each finger are represents to people.

Index Finger

index finger ring

Historically, rings worn on either of the index fingers represented royalty. Visitors would pledge loyalty by kneeling before kings and queens of old and kissing the rings on the index finger.

The conventional practices were so dominant that people beneath certain ranks were forbidden from wearing rings on the index finger. This is because they stood for prosperity and denoted specific family status. Going even further back in history, the index finger was a common location for many of the rings worn by men at the time.

index finger ring

As it turns out, that wearing a ring on the index finger does not interfere as much as another ring on the next finger. Except for a plain gold band, one can get away with wearing just about any ring on the right index finger.

In astrology, the index finger is associated with Jupiter. Jupiter is thought to symbolize power, authority and leadership. A bright silver ring is a good item to accessorize the index finger.

The index finger is therefore ideal placement for any ring. The prominence of such an accessory is likely to be very noticeable. This is since the index finger does a lot of work.

Middle Finger

middle finger ring

For quite a long time, the middle finger has been associated with a rude gesture. For this reason, many people steer clear of rings on the finger.

However, history tells us a different tale. In the old days, rings worn on this finger symbolized balance and responsibility. This was a concept from the central placements on the hand. The central placement gives a feeling of sturdiness, stability, and confidence.

Wearing bulky rings can cause significant hindrance for some manual tasks. For this reason, it is best to be conservative when wearing rings on the middle finger. You can try small and simple rings. Interestingly, a lot of first-time ring wearers tend to feel comfortable with rings on this finger.

middle finger ring

The middle finger also proves to be a good option for those who do not mind having casual rings confused for wedding bands. Fear not, for the middle finger is a safe option in terms of social optics.
In relation to astrology, the middle finger is associated with Saturn. The dominant metal on the planet Saturn is lead, a remarkably heavy element. For this reason, the middle finger is thought to symbolize responsibility, solidity, and balance.

An interesting takeaway from this is that simple and dark monotonous metals like steel are great for rings worn on this finger. The left middle finger is central to the hand, and therefore commonly symbolizes the centre of one’s power and responsibility.

middle finger
Nearly 90% of all people are right-handed. The right middle finger ring is a further extension of one’s power and sense of self-assurance. Rings worn on this finger are open to interpretation. Feel free to pick your stylish silver or matte ring to adorn this finger that is linked with one’s centrality.

Ring Finger

middle finger ring

In the 20th century, the world was ravaged by the wars that separated men in barracks from their wives at home. Men in this era would wear rings on their ring finger as something to remember their loved ones by. Some Europeans later adopted this tradition to wedding rings that were mostly worn on the left finger.

Ring finger

While commonly used for marital status, some cultures wear rings on this hand as a sign of betrothal. At the time of the wedding, the bride chooses whether to switch the engagement ring to the other hand or to continue with it on the left.

Pinkie Finger

pinke ring

Wearing rings on the pinkie finger is not conventionally connected with any religious or cultural association. The pinkie finger emerges as a good contender for any ring that an individual may wish to flaunt.

The placement is safe and unlikely to misconstrued as something unintended. The middle finger tends to appear isolated from the body. This makes it ideal for rings that are meant to stand out.

Modern ring wearers reserve the pinkie for statement rings. These include the rings within certain social circles and sports achievement rings. A good example is the NBA Championship ring, famously worn by many on their smallest finger.

pinkie ring

In some scholarly professionals, rings on the pinkie finger are more substantial. For ecology and engineering in particular, pinkie rings are symbols of graduations with qualifications within the fields. Many graduates wear the rings on their dominant hand, with more of them having them on the right hand. Professional bands are traditionally understated. Many consist of simple bands milled out of fine metals.


Thumb ring

All current indications show that people reserve the thumb for fashion statement rings. However, traditions of many societies associated thumb rings for men with affluence and success. Currently, it is considered a natural choice for those who wear multiple rings on the same hand. This is because there is more space on this finger based on its separation from the other four.

thumb ring

In conclusion, people wear rings for many reasons. Some are personal and symbolic, while many others are fashionable and meant to complement one’s appearance. Others simply wear casual rings for the feel of it rather than its symbolic value. One thing that is for sure, is that there is definitely a ring for everyone out there. So try one out when the fancy strikes you.