2016 Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Kenya 2016

With only a few days to Mother’s day ( To be Precise this coming Sunday ) , it is time you got creative and choose a unique mother’s day gift that will leave your mother smiling.

Mother’s day is a day that is recognized worldwide; it is a day that all moms across the world are celebrated every year. Year in year out, we all look forward to that one day where we get to shower our mothers with love and exceptional gifts, right? Therefore, as May 8th 2016 approaches you should consider finding that perfect gift that your mother will never forget.

Mothers and mother figures are irreplaceable. Can you imagine how your life would be like without the love and care you get from your mother ? Mothers nurture us, love us unconditionally, care for us beyond measure and the list goes on and on. It is for this reason that mother’s day exists.

So, join the world this year and celebrate your mother and all mother figures in your life. Give your sweet mother assurance that you love them back and that you value them a lot with a special mother’s day gift.

The most appropriate gifts for mother’s day are jewelry pieces. I have not come across a mother who doesn’t see jewelry gifts as thoughtful and creative. Therefore believe me when I say that jewelry for 2016 mother’s day is the real deal. However, not every jewelry piece is ideal for this special day. So, here are the most exciting jewelry pieces for your mom this year;

•    Pearls  – since time immemorial, women have had a soft spot for pearls. They are a must have for every woman out there, especially the moms. Therefore to add to your mother’s already existing pearl jewelry, choose pearl earrings and a matching pearl necklace.

•    Pendant Necklaces  – mommies with style deserve a pendant necklace. To make the pendant thoughtful, unique and right for the big day, you can choose the locket type o pendants. You can use the locket to hold a photograph of you and your mom or just a sweet short message for her. This can be the most intimate gift for your mom this year.

•     Personalized jewelry – the time that you invest in making a jewelry piece specifically for your mother matters a lot. There are so many types of jewelry out there; bracelets, promise rings, earrings and so on. Therefore whatever you choose, tailor it to suit your mom and still depict the occasion.

•    Jewelry holders – as much as buying jewelry is what you will be doing this week, do not forget to buy a beautiful and unique jewelry holder that will accommodate the jewelry piece you are buying. Ask your jeweler for the appropriate jewelry holder or jewelry box to go with your choice of jewelry piece.

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