Silver Wedding Rings in Kenya – Choosing a ring

Couples often find the course of choosing and shopping for a wedding ring in Kenya quite overwhelming. And to men, the world of jewelry is quite foreign and an eerie encounter. This is mostly because, men, unlike women, are not accustomed to wearing jewelry. Nonetheless, it is quite challenging to choose and settle on a perfect wedding ring. First, there are different factors to consider as well as metal types ranging from gold, platinum, silver, tungsten to titanium. Furthermore, the aforementioned metals come in a variety of color hues.  I am going to limit the choice of a wedding ring to a silver ring.

In case you choose a silver wedding ring, here are key things worthy your attention. The most profound silver ring is typically a sterling silver which is white-grey in appearance and relatively cheaper than gold, titanium, and platinum. Generally, silver is a soft metal and softer than other metals namely, gold, titanium, and platinum as well as tungsten..

Silver wedding rings have been in use for a very long time and are still considered precious jewelry. Most wedding jewelry dealers who supply silver wedding rings offer an extra, cost-free silver enhancement for your silver wedding to make it durable and scratch resistant.

Men and women have different tastes when it comes to jewelry and men tend to prefer simple design rings whereas women elect sophisticated designs. As much as there are various wedding ring designs to choose from, you need to choose your ring in line with comfort and lifestyle concerns since you work with your hands which could accelerate the damage of your ring. Find a silver ring with a comfortable design and pattern which won’t hurt your fingers or collide with other objects or surfaces as you go about your daily activities. This is important because all metals except tungsten will eventually scratch. Even if you have your silver wedding ring enhanced with rhodium it will still scratch, but very gradually.

Accept that scratches are nuisances that are inherently part of a wedding ring. However, you can take some measures to keep your silver wedding ring in good shape and color. First, you can use the services of a jeweler and have them occasionally polish your silver ring. You can do it as often as you see fit, but an interval of about 12 months is fairly good enough. You should also consider asking your jewelry vendor or dealer to texture your ring with a finish such as satin finish or add a personalized engraving to make it less prone to scratching.

Regardless of what metal your wedding ring is, implementing the following precaution will keep your silver wedding ring scratch-free; that is, clean your silver wedding ring in a mild solution of detergent and warm water, and rinse to dryness with a soft cloth.