A Man’s Guide to Buying Jewellery in Kenya

So many articles have been posted about jewellery choices for men. As we all know, cufflinks, ear studs, rings and watches are the most commonly talked about jewellery for the Kenyan men. However, the reality of the matter is, most Kenyan men are not comfortable around jewellery shops.

It is therefore important for us to share a few guidelines and tips that will be useful to such men. If you happen to be one of them, (please) read on. With an open mind, feast your eyes on the following buying tips and believe or not, your next trip to your jewellery store will be stress-free.

Have a specific jewellery piece in mind before walking in the store

Nothing is as frustrating as trying to buy stuff that you know nothing about, right? This is not any different when buying jewellery especially for a man. So, to avoid the embarrassment, know your jewellery color, your metal preference, as well as the pricing.

Talk to a professional jeweler

Do not pretend to know everything about jewellery. If you are not sure of what suits you best, do not be ashamed of consulting someone who knows better.

Buy from a Jeweler you trust

Not all jewelers out there are trustworthy. To be safe and to ensure that you do not go home with fake metal, ask friends or family members for recommendations. If you can’t get recommendations, you can also find a reliable jeweler through online client reviews.

On the other hand, if you are buying jewellery for ‘her’, here are some additional tips that are worth considering;

  • Know what she loves – Women are very choosy when it comes to their jewellery. Find time when your partner is not around take a look at her jewellery box. This way you will grab a thing or two about her taste and preference.
  • Be sure of the sizing – This is especially if you are buying a ring. Also, by checking her jewellery box, grab one of her rings and bring it to the store with you. Give it to the jeweler so that he can size your ring to the exact fitting.
  • Create a first impression with the gift presentation – I have not yet a woman who doesn’t love gifts, especially those that come in small boxes. Wrap it well and wear a smile as you hand her the gift.