A Comprehensive Guide on Birthstones

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Birthstone jewelry has become increasingly popular over recent years. This is because unlike most jewelry, birthstones add a more personal touch to any accessory. Furthermore, these stones exist in many various vivid colors and shapes offering you a world of options to choose from.

Whether it is for an anniversary, a birthday, or any other special occasion these beautiful stones are a thoughtful gift.  They will leave your loved one feeling special and appreciated.

But how do you determine which birthstone is ideal for yourself or loved one?

This guide explores the different types of birthstones, their history and their significance to the wearer to help you make an informed decision when choosing them. Below is a quick breakdown of the origin of these stones.

History of Birthstones

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These gems have been around for centuries. You will hear many theories that try to explain their origin. The most common theories are the eastern, biblical and modern.

The biblical story can be traced to the book of Exodus when Aaron, Moses’ brother, wore a breastplate that consisted of 12 precious gemstones. The gems represented the 12 tribes of Israel. The stones were believed to enhance abilities and possess great power.

Traditionally, the birthstones were linked to the 12 zodiac signs until they were later associated with the 12 months of the year.  Nowadays, people wear the stones according to the month they were born hence the name ‘birthstones’.

These beautiful stones are thought to symbolize good luck and wellness.


The Birthstones for Each Month

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Each gem represents a certain month or astrological zodiac sign. Below is a list that compiles the different birthstones with the months they each represent.

January: Garnet

January birthstone

Garnet exists in many shades with the most common one being dark red. Most travelers in the early days used this gem to find the way, light the night and keep off evil.

This birthstone symbolizes peace, good health and safety. It pairs well with silver earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. We recommend this stone as a gift for someone you would want safe and free from any danger.

February: Amethyst

February Birthstone

The name amethyst is derived from the ancient Greek word ‘amethystos’ meaning ‘sober’.  This is because ancient Greeks believed that it would protect them from any kind of intoxication like drunkenness or any other addictive quality.

The energy of this stunning stone is linked to qualities of peace, stability, strength and sobriety. You can get it for someone who is trying to get back on their feet to empower them to take charge.

The crystal nature of this gem makes it perfect for a spectacular jewelry piece. Get this birthstone for a February baby or a Pisces zodiac sign.

March: Aquamarine

March birthstone

This gem is popular for its deep and pale blue color that resembles the sea. Early sailors used aquamarine to shield themselves from the stormy weather. It is also famed for its healing and calming qualities.

If you are looking for a gift for newlyweds, an anniversary, and March babies, we recommend aquamarine. It promotes harmony in relationships. It is therefore ideal for someone you had a falling out with to let them know you are sorry.

The beautiful sea color is also perfect to pull off any outfit.

April: Diamond

April Birthstone

Diamond is among the most sought out gemstones worldwide. It is renowned for its white and transparent nature that makes it a flexible jewelry to pair with various outfits. There are also rare collections of this gem in rainbow colors known as fancy colored diamonds.

Diamond is also the hardest gem on earth making it timeless and ideal for every day jewelry style. This birthstone symbolizes purity, everlasting love and strength. It makes a great engagement ring because it signifies devotion and unconditional love.

Alternatively, this gem will suit anyone who loves fashion, Zodiac Leo sign or an April baby.

May: Emerald

May birthstone

This gem is mostly in a beautiful shade of green. The energy from emeralds is believed to inspire renewal, growth, wisdom, and rebirth. This piece pairs well with silver sets like rings, necklaces, and earrings.

We recommend this gem as a gift for a May baby or anyone intending to have new beginnings.

June: Pearl


Did you know pearls are the only gems that are produced by living things called mollusks? This precious gem is famous for its lustrous white and rainbow shades. Pearls are associated with qualities of purity, wisdom, modesty, and perseverance.

This gem is naturally beautiful and makes a great piece for your jewelry collection. This quality makes it highly favored by royals. It is a great gift for a June baby or any trendy and fashionable person.

July: Ruby


The word ruby originated from a Latin name ‘Rubeus’ meaning red. Rubies are also known as the king of gems. The name is attributed to the fierce vibrant red shade of this gem.

This beautiful stone is believed to ward off evil and negative energy. It symbolizes love, passion, power, and protection. Most jewelers have used this statement piece to make engagement rings because it is said to promote everlasting love.

A ruby makes a great gift for a July baby and a zodiac Capricorn sign.

August: Peridot



This birthstone is only found in shades of green ranging from emerald, and deep olive green. It is linked to qualities of power, strength, and clarity. Get a peridot gem for a loved one that has been undergoing dark times or trauma.

The August birthstone has a green glow even at night that is said to light someone’s life, stimulate positivity and soothe anger.

September: Sapphire

september birthstone

This dazzling gem is popular for its deep ocean blue colour, and other rainbow shades except red. Sapphire is associated with faith, loyalty, honesty, and trust.

These qualities make it an ideal engagement ring because it inspires a beautiful lasting relationship. Sapphire is also believed to help maintain self-discipline and focus.

October: Opal


Opal is among the most appealing gems worldwide. This beautiful gem was known as the queen of gems in ancient times because of its fascinating shifting colors. The name opal originated from a Greek word ‘Opallios’ meaning a change of colors.

Legend has it that this piece has healing powers. It symbolizes faithfulness, confidence, creativity and healing. Someone born in October would really appreciate this gift.

November: Citrine

This striking stone is colourless in its purest forms. However, impurities tint the gem into a bunch of different colours varying from blue, yellow, pink, and brown. It is believed to ease tension and promote calmness.

This gem makes an ideal gift for a Sagittarius zodiac sign or a November baby.

December: Tanzanite or Turquoise


The turquoise is one of the oldest stones used in ancient times while the tanzanite is a newer stone discovered in the 20th century. Tanzanite is believed to be associated with qualities of truth, wisdom, and dignity.

Turquoise on the other hand, is commonly referred to as a love and good luck charm. This is because it is said to bring good fortune, wellness, success, and deepen relationships. It is also a very powerful gem that is believed to have healing powers for both mind and body illnesses.


Final Thoughts


Birthstones make meaningful and thoughtful gifts for any special occasion. They have a deep rooted history and culture that is carried for generations. If you are looking to celebrate, appreciate or reward a loved one these stones are ideal.

Not only do birthstones add a classy look to every outfit but they also ward off evil and have numerous health benefits. From necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets, following this guide will help you identify the birthstone jewelry that is best suited for you.