A Guide to Choosing the Right Silver Earrings that Suit You

Cartilage Earrings

Silver earrings complement a look and frame a face. They are a must have accessory for anyone who intends to highlight their best features. However, most people choose this silver jewelry blindly and end up bringing out a look all wrong.

From studs to dangling earrings, choosing the right piece can get overwhelming and confusing. Are you looking for the most ideal earring that flatters your features? This guide explores the different factors to consider when choosing earrings and how to identify what best suits you.


   1. Choose Silver Earrings that Complement the Shape of Your Face

Choosing earrings without considering the shape of your face can be unflattering to your features. Here are a few face shapes and the earrings that are ideal for each:

  • Oval Face

Linear drop earrings

People with oval faces are considered the luckiest because they can pull off just about any earring style. This face is versatile and highly flexible to multiple looks. Unlike a round face, an oval face is longer than it is wide with a soft jawline.

If you have this face shape, long dangling and stud earrings are perfect to show off your beautiful cheekbones.


  • Round Face

Silver drop earrings

Round faces are circular in nature and quite easy to identify. They are widest at the cheekbone with a round chin. If you have this face shape, aim at elongating your face to make it look slimmer.

Therefore, dangling, and angular shaped earrings are ideal. Avoid disc shaped or circular earrings like hoops or round studs because they only make the face seem rounder and it completely unflatters your features.


  • Heart Face

drop earrings with a double silver chain

If you have a pointed chin and your face gradually gets wider towards your forehead, then that is a heart-shaped face. Long chandelier looking earrings are perfect for this face shape. They balance out your features and draw attention to your cheekbones, jawline, and eyes.

Avoid slim looking earrings because they only highlight the heart shape. Instead, go for wider or curved earrings at the bottom to balance out the narrow chin.


  • Square Face

Magnificent Silver Aqua Blue Loop EarringsPeople with square faces have a beautiful wide jawline that matches the width of their forehead. If you have this face shape, aim at softening the sharp edges. Circular and loop earrings are ideal in complementing this look.

Avoid angular shaped earrings because they over-emphasize the width of your face. Oversized hoops, preferably those that extend below the jawline would also look good on you.


  • Narrow/ Long Face

Sterling Silver Black Stud Earrings

If you have a narrow face, then your cheekbones, jawline, and forehead have almost the same width. The right jewelry will make your face seem fuller by emphasizing the width to best complement your features..

Studs, short dangling earrings, pearls, and medium sized loops earrings go well with a narrow face. Avoid slim looking or long earrings because they do not balance out your features.


  2. Choose Earrings that Match Your Hairstyle

Sterling Silver Bali Hoop Earrings For Her.

If you enjoy wearing your hair up, have an afro, or short hair, your options are limitless when it comes to choosing earrings. Statement loops, dangling pieces, pearls, or stud earrings easily pair well with this look. Experiment the different designs to identify what you like best.

If you like high pony tails or have long hair, then go for large statement studs or hoops. They will stand out and add glamour to your look. Low pony tails on the other hand, indicate low maintenance and require understated pieces like simple pearl and stud earrings.

We recommend colorful chandelier dangling earrings for shoulder length hair. The earrings should not stretch beyond the shoulders for them to best highlight your features. Avoid slim earrings because they may get lost in the hair.

Hoops are ideal for afro hair because they do not easily get tangled. The curved nature of the hoops brings out the curly hair beautifully. We recommend silver earrings because they pair well with almost any hair color and style without seeming mismatched.



  3. Choose Earrings that Align with Your Lifestyle

An elegant and versatile pair of sterling silver pearl earrings

Ask yourself, where are you headed? If you are going to work, we advise a more formal approach. Small loop and stud earrings will rise to the occasion. If your job is conservative, stick to the simple stud earrings.

If you are headed to a wedding or dinner date, feel free to play around with the various options that elevate your look and highlight your personality. If it is a work party, opt for small statement pieces.

If you are athletic or constantly active in vigorous activities, simple pearl or stud earrings are ideal. They will not bother you or cause any kind of discomfort.


  4. Consider Your Personal Style and Fashion Sense

square shaped Earrings

Select earrings that speak to your personality and fashion sense. If you adore feminine clothes, round and curved earrings suit you. They will accentuate your features beautifully.

Small simple studs or loops are perfect for people with reserved personalities while bolder jewelry like large statement dangling earrings suit outgoing people. Pearls will look good on either personalities because they give off a relaxed and elegant vibe.

If you have a creative or eccentric personality, feel free to explore the different earrings styles. There are a lot of options to work with from vintage to modern styles. A great starting point will be dangly and angular earrings because they easily complement your dramatic and adventurous nature.



  5. Choose Earrings Based on Your Glasses

loop earrings

People who wear glasses are limited to only choose earring styles and shapes that match their frames. The wrong jewelry can completely throw off a look.

For colorful frames, silver earrings are a perfect choice. Avoid colored statement pieces because they stand out as mismatched items and make your face look busy.


Final Thoughts

Whether you intend to add life to your wardrobe or highlight your best features, this guide will come in handy. Remember to match your earrings with any of the features stated above to achieve the best outcome. However, don’t limit yourself, play around with the different styles to find out what best suits you.